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Heart valve replacement surgery in India - not only the latest, but done by best cardiac surgeons in the world

Heart valve replacement surgery in India

Many of us understand how important it is for us to keep our heart healthy but little do we know about the valves of the heart. Heart valves – the tiny components of heart, play a crucial role in the functioning of the heart. But what happens when heart valves don’t function properly? Let’s have a look at the consequences.


Common Heart Valve Problems

Heart valves anatomy
There are three basic problems associated with heart valves: stenosis, regurgitation and atresia

Stenosis If the flaps of heart valve stiffen, thicken or fuse together, they prevent the valves to open fully. This causes lesser blood to flow through the heart valve.

Regurgitation If a valve doesn’t close properly, it leads to backflow of blood. As a result of this, the blood instead of flowing forward through the heart or flowing into an artery, leaks back into the heart chambers. One of the common causes of regurgitation is valve prolapse which mainly affects the mitral valve.

Atresia If a heart valve lacks an opening for blood to pass through, the condition is known as atresia.

Many people with heart valve defects don’t show symptoms. For some, the condition may stay throughout their lives without causing any problems. However, for some the condition worsens and then exhibits symptoms. These conditions may lead to heart failure, blood clots, stroke or even death due to sudden cardiac arrest.


Heart valve replacement – a surgical option for treatment of ailing heart valves

The heart valve conditions can be treated by heart valve replacement, wherein the diseased valve is replaced with a new valve, the procedure is known as valve replacement surgery.
Heart cardiac surgery
The common types of valve replacements are – mechanical (artificial) valve and tissue (animal) valve.

Risk factors

Though heart valve replacement surgery is common these days, like all surgical options of treatment, valve replacement surgery also carried its inherent risks. Every patient is different & so is his or heart ailment, and when it’s about repairing the ailing heart, the risks can be deadly and dangerous. The best and the foremost risk mitigation factor is the research on the abilities of the surgeon & standards of hospital where the surgery will be done.

Trend to fly to India for heart replacement surgery is growing

And why not this should happen when India has proved itself of being the most sought after places for surgeries. Cardiac treatment at some of the best hospitals in India is at par with a similar hospital set ups in USA or UK, be it the medical infrastructure or the surgery techniques being used. Indian cardiac surgeons have time and again shown to the world that they are second to none while adopting & perfecting these latest techniques for repairing the heart.  

Most of the top notch cardiac surgeons in India have their qualifications or training abroad, making them as contemporary as the best surgeons in the world.
And because of the exchange rate & low cost advantage, this world class surgery at some of the internationally accredited hospitals is available at fraction of the cost it would cost in USA or UK.

 But surgery across the borders! Isn't it risky?

Yes, it seems quite a task for relatives and friends to really seek good, dependable advice for the surgery. And when it will also involve traveling to another, unknown country it seems even more daunting and risky!!

But mitigating the risk here is the pioneering efforts of IndiCure to make your medical trip safe and predictable. IndiCure does its extensive research on Indian hospitals & surgeons keeping in view International patients form western countries, and chooses to associate only with best. This associations with only the best ensures credibility and excellence in the field of cardiac surgery for the international patients.

To plan Valve replacement surgery in India at affordable rates with the pioneer of medical tourism in India, Contact Us or just send in an email to with the latest medical reports of the patient, and rest assured for trustworthy guidance.

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