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Safe & affordable Gastric Bypass at best Weight loss surgery centers of the world in India

Obesity and surgery for weight loss

Just about a decade ago being overweight was seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity or simply a sign of fun and bully. However, after analyzing the ill-effects of this pandemic on human lifestyle, WHO has reckoned it as a disease in 2011. We all know that being overweight leads to a whole lot of symptoms of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, impotency and many more. Today obesity has affected a vast majority of population worldwide and there have been many methods recommended for reducing weight; like diet controls, exercise, medicines etc. 

But if you are one of those obese persons who have tried all the tested methods of curtailing your ever increasing weight and have failed, then surgery for weight loss, like gastric bypass can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is Gastric Bypass and who should go for it?

Gastric Bypass is an operation where the stomach is divided into two pouches. A small upper pouch and a larger lower pouch and the small intestine is rearranged accordingly. The small pouch releases the food slowly and thus makes us feel full with relatively lesser food intake. Though according to WHO standards, people with BMI of over 30 fall under the obese group, bariatric surgery is advised for those who are about 25-30 kg overweight with BMI of 32.5 or above. Usually it works good for people who are suffering from type II diabetes, hypertension & women who are not being able to conceive due to obesity.

People who have the determination to improve their lifestyle by healthy food with moderate exercise after the surgery are those who will be benefited most, as gastric bypass is a proven scientific technique and not merely a shortcut to weight loss.

Key Highlights of gastric bypass in India

In most of the developed countries like US and Europe about 70% of adults are obese and so there has been a soaring increase in demand for surgical weight loss procedures, and it costs about $10,000-$43,000 in US for a bariatric surgery. This huge cost is however a deterrent for many to go under the knife to reduce excess weight. 

The scenario however has changed over the years, as more and more people are showing interest in this method of taming obesity especially in countries like India, which is home to some of the best bariatric surgeons of the world. Thus, today India is fast emerging as the most favored destination for weight loss surgery tourism, as here the facilities are of international standard, and the surgery is available at pocket friendly cost. In India, a bariatric surgery costs around $5500-$6500!

How to choose a Bariatirc surgeon / clinic for Gastric bypass in India?

Before plunging to benefit from this field of bariatric surgery tourism and plan for gastric bypass abroad, we should not only know what works but also what gets the best bang for the buck. We need to always keep in mind that key to successful gastric bypass is the choice of your bariatric surgeon and facility where you choose to have the surgery done. 

For the benefit of overseas patients looking for affordable and safe gastric bypass, IndiCure has cherry-picked specialized bariatric surgeons and medical team who have had their training from US / UK, have tonnes of experience under their belt and are well versed in English. They operate at specialty bariatric surgery clinics where latest equipment and technology are used. This association with the best bariatric surgeons and surgery clinics ensures that your gastric bypass surgery in India is not only affordable, but also safe. 

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