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Why is the cost of medical treatment in India so less even with the best surgeons in the world

The current price of everything that you see in health care is predominantly opportunistic pricing and the outcome of inefficiency,” says one of the leading heart surgeons in India during an interview in his office in India. This stands true not only for Indian healthcare but for healthcare across the world, especially many Western countries where the cost of even life saving procedures such as heart surgery is beyond the reach of many people if uninsured.

It is true that when a treatment which is as serious as heart, brain or cancer surgery is involved, quality is most important and not the cost. However you should, one, have the money to pay for the high quality treatment and second, you would obviously not want to spend all your life’s savings to treat the disease.  It is thus prudent to look out for high-quality treatment options at affordable prices.

Medical tourism opens the door to wider options available for you to choose from best surgeons in the world. This is a boon for medical travelers from countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and other African countries where medical facilities are not as advanced as available in the world. Medical tourism is a great option even for medical travelers from countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other European countries where a patient have to spend a fortune on heart surgery. 

Healthcare agencies like IndiCure providing advisory and facilitation to patients from across the world looking for affordable treatment in India, are often asked questions such as why is the cost of medical treatment in India so less? What makes it so less? Is there a catch? How much does kidney transplant cost in India? 

How much does open heart surgery cost in India with best heart surgeons in the world? And WHY SO LESS?

An open  heart surgery that would cost you anywhere around $ 50,000 in U.S., cost just $ 6,000 in India. With India not only is the home to world’s best heart surgeons, India has also shown that the costs can be substantially contained with efficiency and economies of scale.  This has given a rise to medical tourism in India. This is strictly without compromising on the quality of care- the private hospitals are at par with the hospitals in the Western countries and the heart surgeons- the best heart surgeons in the world, which goes for other surgeons as well- bariatric, neurosurgeons, back surgeons, plastic surgeons.

People often wonder and even skeptical why the cost of heart surgery in India and the cost of medical treatment in India so less despite offering best services.

One major reason is the exchange rate, 1 USD equals 62 Indian rupees and 1 pound equals 102 Indian rupees. So, for people living in Western countries, exchange rate is much favorable making Indian services affordable. Besides exchange rate, the cost of endowment is less in India. Also, India is a growing market because of its rising population and increasing demand of healthcare services making healthcare a rapidly expanding market.   Medical equipment manufacturers are looking at India as their most important market and technology is available at much lower rates. All these factors together contribute in making the whole economics of healthcare delivery much affordable.  And thus India is able to deliver low cost medical treatment in India with best surgeons in world.
Global health care costs are rising at an alarming rate as countries move towards universal health coverage, they are definitely going to face the challenge India has posed by providing highly affordable medical treatment thus giving international medical tourism industry yet another better and affordable option.

If you are also looking for low cost affordable medical treatment with best surgeons in the world, India is the best option.  Hospitals in India are world class hospitals offering services with a warm touch. For treatment at best  hospitals in India, contact IndiCure. IndiCure has earned the reputation of being the most renowned and best health agency in India with hundreds of happy patients from around the globe. 

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