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Liver Transplant in India- Laws and Regulations

Liver Transplant in India

Organ transplantation is a major breakthrough in the history of medical science whereby one can donate a healthy organ (from donor’s site) to replace a diseased or failing organ (on recipient site). It is indeed overwhelming to give someone a second chance to live by organ donation. Through this blog we will know about the laws and rules that govern liver transplant in India.

best hospital for liver transplant in India
Liver Transplant- How is it done

What is Liver Transplantation and who may require it?

Liver transplantation or liver transplant is a surgical method of removing a diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy liver from a donor. The donor may be living or deceased.
In adults, cirrhosis is the main reason for a failing liver for which liver transplant is required. It can be caused by different types of diseases that cause destruction of healthy liver cells and replace them with scar tissue. 

Some of the causes of failing liver can be - over intake of alcohol, long term infection with hepatitis C or hepatitis B virus, building up of fat in liver, auto-immune liver diseases and hereditary disease. In children, biliary atresia is the most common cause for needing a liver transplant. In biliary atresia, the bile ducts are missing or damaged or blocked due to which bile backs up in the liver and causes cirrhosis. Other reasons that lead to requiring a liver transplant include acute liver failure, liver cancers etc.

Laws and Regulations for Liver Transplant in India

Laws for organ transplant in India are very strict and allow only blood relatives to donate liver to the patient. As per the law, there should be absolutely no commercial transaction between donor and recipient for the liver transplant. In case where an unrelated donor wants to donate liver to a patient, special permission is to be taken from the govt. If both the recipient and donor are foreigners and want to get liver transplantation in India, a senior Embassy official of the country of origin or Govt. of the country concerned has to certify the relationship between the recipient and the donor.

Investigations required before transplant

To make sure that the new liver is accepted by the body and the liver transplant is successful, a few tests are done on both the donor and the recipient. To check compatibility, various tests and investigations are done such as – Echo, EKG, CT Cholangiogram, Abdominal CT scan, physical assessment by a physician, hepatologist and a psychologist.

Why liver transplant in India? After all there are so many regulations!

cost of liver transplant operation India
Laws for organ transplant in India allow only close relative
to donate an organ to the patient- selling and buying
of organs is strictly prohibited by law

Yes, it’s true that the laws for organ transplantation in India are very strict; however, it is quick and cheap to get an organ transplant surgery in India if you have a related donor. Unlike western countries, where one has to face long waiting period for liver transplant, there is absolutely no waiting period in India if you have a related donor. Moreover, the cost of liver transplant in India is a fraction of what it would cost you in any other western country. Thus, getting liver transplant in India is not only economical but is quick if you have a related donor.

best hospital for liver transplant in India
India has few of the best hospitals in the
world for liver transplant surgery
Besides, there are few of the best liver transplant surgeons in India who have an amazingly high success record of performing liver transplant in most complex and difficult cases. They are counted among the best liver transplant surgeons in the world. The corporate hospitals in India have the best infrastructure and facilities required for a successful liver transplant surgery. 

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