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Medical tourism to India- What Makes India Top Destination

Medical tourism to India

What would you do if you lived in a world where there is huge waiting time to have even the simplest procedure done? Or in a country where you have hospitals and healthcare facilities but no trained and skilled doctors to run them? Or in a country where you have the best of healthcare facilities and top notch surgeons, the cost of medical treatment is so high and there is no way you can afford them? How frustrated would you feel?

There are ways to deal with the situations. One way to deal with is this to settle for less – settle for the least priced mode of treatment available in your nation or wait for years in writhing pain before you get your chance to get the medical treatment or get the treatment done by untrained hands and risk your health and lives. And in cases where treatment is not ‘necessary’, as in plastic surgery and weight loss surgery, learn to live with them. We will tell you another way to deal with such scenarios – the India & IndiCure way!

Most people begin as skeptics when they first come across the idea of medical tourism. After all, it’s a matter of your health and even your life. Is it wise to travel hundreds of miles to get your treatment or surgery done? Would the doctors there be as learnt and experienced as in Western countries? Why would you offer highly sophisticated procedures at such low prices in the first place? Does this adhere to the ‘quality suffers at low costs’ rule?

As is true with most ‘new’ things, after the initial pushing away of medical tourism as ‘this is just not for me’, you begin to entertain the idea of ‘why not me?” when you come to know more of it. Nothing helps in this better than statistical figures. The number of people travelling to India for medical treatment is ever on the rise. In the year 2012 alone, more than 350,000 people visited us for getting their medical treatment done. All of them can’t be wrong.

What makes India one of the most favored medical tourism destinations can be listed as follows:

·         Internationally accredited hospitals –India has a number of hospitals that meet the best of international standards in healthcare and are accredited from most reputed organizations such as JCI, ISO, Harvard, Cleveland clinic etc as hallmarks of their excellence. India has few of the best hospitals for heart surgery, spine surgery, brain surgery and various other treatments. 

·         Highly skilled doctors and medical staff – Indian doctors and surgeons are known all across the world for their skill and expertise. So, be prepared to fly back as raving fans of India’s highly skilled doctors and compassionate medical staff.

·         No waiting period – The treatment starts as quickly as you reach here- there is absolutely no waiting time.

·         Best medical technology and contagion controlling processes – In short, you will receive the best possible care medical science can provide.

·         Affordable treatment- The cost of medical treatment in India and various procedures such as heart surgery, brain surgery, spine surgery in India or even organ transplant such as liver transplant and kidney transplant cost less than a fifth as compared to the cost of same treatment in US, UK or other Western countries.

So, how does saving about 65-90 % on your medical bills sound to you with the best surgeons in the world, with no waiting lines, at hospitals as good as in your own country with doctors and nurses speaking the same language?

 Now you know why India is the best solution for your medical concerns. 

Top medical tourism companies in India
I & I way- India and IndiCure way is the best solution
 for your medical treatment abroad
Drop us a mail and let us know how IndiCure may serve you. You can write to us at or call us at +91 9818 462127 or +91 93200 36777 or chat with us at skype@IndiCure

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