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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

The Gamma Knife is a radiosurgery that actually involves no knife. For many decades Gamma Knife Radiosurgery is being used to treat brain tumors and disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia without any loss of blood or use of scalpels. It is a non-invasive neurosurgical procedure which makes use of strong radiations to treat unhealthy brain tissues. Owing to the benefit the technology offers over other techniques, Gamma knife is now accepted worldwide as a preferred mode of treatment. Highly focused Radiations have no negative effect on surrounding healthy tissues, thereby making one of the safest modality to treat brain lesions. With the help of Gamma Knife surgery, even a deadly brain tumor can be operated. In this surgery, a 3-D reference frame is fastened to the patient’s head before the procedure.  As no incision to the brain is involved, risk of any kind of infection or hemorrhage is ruled out. Gamma Knife Surgery shows a new ray of hope to the patients suffering from vascular malformations, brain tumors and other functional disorders. Gamma Knife is the best option for those who face high risks in open skull surgery.

Cost of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
Gamma Knife surgery is quite affordable in India as compared to other Western countries. It is also generally covered by the insurance companies all over the world. Gamma Knife Surgery’s cost is thirty to seventy percent less than that of open surgery. Not only the cost is less, gamma knife requires much shorter recovery period as compared to open surgery which is generally many months. It is a one session treatment. Cost of Gamma Knife surgery in India is affordable due to varying factors like free access to excellent medical facilities, lower rate of exchange, etc. Even though the cost is cut almost to half the quality remains the same as compared to the best hospitals across the globe. The standard of treatment and medical protocol is in sue with those of the western countries.

Post-Surgery Care
Patient feels little discomfort at the time of surgery but post-surgery he can lead quality life. As this is a one session treatment, the turnaround time is comparatively less to open surgery. The complete procedure, from the arrival to the discharge of patient, takes not more than five hours. Patient is either immediately discharged or made to stay overnight after the radiosurgery is performed on him and he can resume his routine activities within a week. Quicker recovery does away with the hidden costs of long period of stay in hospital.

Advantage over Open Surgery
According to studies, Gamma Knife Surgery has 85 percent success rate on brain tumors and other related disorders as thousands of radiation beams of size more than 0.5mm each are generated from 200 sources of cobalt-60. Radiation beam appears to be weak on its own but when they intersect and combine while targeting unhealthy cells, they become strong enough to treat the targeted area.
Gamma Knife is a non-invasive alternation to
tradition open brain surgery.
In conclusion, it is safe to say that Gamma knife surgery has proved to be highly beneficial as well as cost-efficient. Technology used as well as the quick recovery time is what is making this treatment procedure popular amongst surgeons and patients alike, provided you are a likely candidate for it.

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