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Heart health and Arthritis.

A rainbow's worth of fruits and vegetables is great for your heart health.

Rainbow's worth food for a healthy heart
Heart Healthy Food

It isn't easy to care for your family, dedicate completely to your work and other fulfill other obligations along with managing the everyday joint pains that you suffer. The stress takes a toll on your joint making them sore and ache. However, along with everyday tasks, it is also crucial to care for your heart. Small changes in your everyday habit can lead to better healthy living.

Why is heart health important?

Research has proven that people who suffer from, inflammation throughout their body caused by arthritis, are at a greater risk of falling for cardiovascular problems like heart diseases or heart attack and fatalities by heart-related causes. Study has also found that heart risks are linked to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Patients with RA who also have high blood pressure (hypertension)—a precursor to heart disease—were less likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular problems than people without RA. Another study done suggests an underlying common factor that causes inflammation in the entire body thus affecting heart health and causing arthritis. Therefore, it is essential that one pays close attention to their heart and take necessary steps for its care.

Avoid heart risks with these 5 simple steps

The first step is to be aware of your heart and its condition. If you are suffering from RA or psoriatic arthritis it helps to pay extra attention to your heart. Follow these simple 5 step plan to ensure better heart health.

1.       Eating smart for the heart
Firstly, avoid or reduce the consumption of saturated fats, sodium or salt, cholesterol and trans-fat. In your diet include fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat smaller portions in 5-6 servings throughout the day to ensure lesser hunger pangs and resist sweetened drinks and sugary food.

2.       Yes to Physical activity.
Physical activity is good for both your joints and your heart. Physical activity may seem difficult for those with arthritis and heart diseases, but sweating it out can help you lower the risks of fatalities. Brisk walking or jogging will increase your heart rate and keep your heart healthy.

3.       Stop tobacco consumption.
Consumption of tobacco has known to increase risk to the heart and cause health related ailments. Easy way of ridding your body of nicotine is steam or sauna baths. You sweat the nicotine thus making quitting smoking easier. You could also use alternatives like nicotine patches.

4.       Know your numbers.
It is important to keep a close watch on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Monthly checkups and tests help you manage and monitor your diet. A stable blood sugar level means stable heart.

5.       Take your medicines.
Skipping your arthritis medication could have effects on your heart. Arthritis medicines are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which also reduces risk to the heart. Keeping your arthritis under control will in turn help your heart. Nonetheless, If you're experiencing side effects, talk with your doctor, who can possibly adjust or switch your medications.

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