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Heart Attack- 12 warning signs never to ignore

Heart attack and symptoms

Are you aware that you may experience a heart attack without chest pains? Did you know that symptoms of heart failures or heart attack differ from person to person? Understanding early warning signs and symptoms of the heart attack today will help you endure tomorrow. Being the leading cause of mortality in the world, knowing the early signs of heart attack is crucial for prompt detection and timely intervention to survive.

What is a heart attack?

Heart attack medically referred as myocardial infarction takes place when there is an obstruction in the blood flow to the heart muscles. This can be due to multiple factors - age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcoholism, obesity, unhealthy dietary habits, physical inactivity and mental stress all these factors contribute to the risk of heart attacks.

Chest pain and discomfort are the most common indicators of heart attack, however, few may not experience it while some may have mild pain or discomfort in the chest. It might be confusing to sense the symptoms as most of the heart attacks start slowly unlike they are often portrayed dramatically in the movies. People usually end up confusing the heart attack symptoms and wait for them to wean off instead of seeking medical help; or they hold stress, indigestion or other non-cardiac causes responsible for their symptoms.
Heart Attack warning signs.
Learn the 12 warning signs to protect your heart

Warning signs to look out for

The primary thing to remember regarding heart attack is that sooner you get the treatment, greater are the chances of your survival and lesser will be the harm. So, to prevent the complications and identify the potential heart attack at the earliest, learn the 12 warning signs to protect your heart.
  1. Chest pain and discomfort: Neither all heart attacks cause chest pain nor all chest pain means a heart attack. Pain is usually the typical sign of heart attacks in movies. But in actual life, a person may feel tightness, heaviness, fullness or pressure in the chest and not pain.
  2. Anxiety: Heart attack may trigger anxiety. The survivors of a heart attack often address their cardiac event being lead by the unusual sense of apprehension.
  3. Fatigue: Severe fatigue may occur especially in women during or days or weeks prior the heart attack episode.
  4.  Dizziness: you may feel light-headedness due to heart rhythm abnormalities. Occasionally you may lose consciousness.
  5. Cough: a constant and stubborn cough and wheezing can be one of the symptoms of heart attack.
  6. Loss of appetite: You may experience nausea and feel unwell in your stomach during the episode.
  7.  Brisk and irregular Pulse: It is not bothersome if at rare times the heartbeat/pulse is missed. But if the pulse is fast, brisk and irregular especially in adjunct with shortness of breath, dizziness, or weakness, it can be a signal of heart attack or a heart failure.
  8. Perspiration: One of the common symptoms of heart attack is sudden excessive cold and damp sweating.
  9. Pain in a different part of the body: chest pain and discomfort may radiate and extend to shoulders, arms, back, neck, jaw, or abdomen. In males, pain may radiate down to their left arm while in females it may radiate in either or both arms or in upper back at the middle.
  10.  Shortness of breath: feeling out of breath even at rest or after minimal exertion may indicate a heart attack. It feels like you have climbed up a mountain even if you haven’t moved.
  11. Weakness: You may experience severe and unexplained weakness days prior to an episode of a heart attack.
  12. Swelling: Fluid accumulates in the body due to heart failure resulting in swelling which is often seen on feet, leg, or even abdomen. It may lead to sudden weight gain sometimes even though there is a loss of appetite.

If you are suffering from these symptoms now and are trying to comprehend if the symptoms could be heart associated then seek medical help right away.

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