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Cyberknife Radiosurgery-Effective Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Defining trigeminal neuralgia:

Trigeminal neuralgia is the neuropathic disease originating from trigeminal nerve which is characterised by sharp, stabbing or burning sensation across the jaw and cheeks. The trigeminal neuralgia pains are severe and recurrent often elicited by light touch and are termed as radiating electric shock like pains usually experienced in cheeks or jaw and only on one side of the face.

Approximately 5 in every 100,000 person is believed to be suffering from facial pain due to trigeminal neuralgia. Though this excruciating pain lasts only for brief periods, the episodes of pain are recurrent and often improve much despite of drug therapy and medications. Having high probability of the side effects following drug treatments, the only option to get rid of the agonising pain is surgical intervention.

The surgery often proves fruitful but not every patient is fit for anaesthesia and even some patients do not wish to undertake such invasive open surgical procedures.
To overcome the complications and risks following conventional surgery, researches have provided us with promising option to get rid of the disabling pain and to revive the joy that trigeminal neuralgia had taken away from life.

A study published by the researchers in the Journal of Neuro Interventional Surgery, indicates that a stereotactic radiotherapy technique referred often as “Cyberknife” which uses the highly powered and concentrated beams of radiation, can alleviate the intense pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia.
Cyberknife targets a length of the nerve which is usually 1mm by 5mm or 6mm rather than targeting only the point on the nerve which makes it capable of delivering superior results. As the Cyberknife targets the larger length of nerve sheath, it results in remarkably early and longstanding responses and outcomes.

The efficiency of cyberknife compared to other treatment has been proved by the researchers.
In their study, they treated few patients diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia between the 36-90 years of age with the Cyberknife radiosurgery. All the patients were the known cases and suffering from TN since 1-11 years and had not responded to other common conventional treatment options.
The treatment involved delivering a maximum dose of radiation (73.06 Gy) into the 6mm length of trigeminal nerve just 2-3mm away from the root of nerve. After the radiation, patients were monitored timely for an average period of 12 months.

The study reported that 92% of the patients experienced partial or complete relief of symptoms within the average time of less than 2 months with the variation from 3 weeks to 6 months. The other 8 % noted relapses after the procedure that too 3-18 months later.

It was also found that none of the patients experienced any of the major complications due to the procedure with only few reported some sensory side effects. So the researchers concluded that Cyberknife radiosurgery is the viable and promising treatment option and alternative to the other more invasive procedures to cure trigeminal neuralgia.

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Cyberknife treatment in India
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