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TURP Surgery in India- answer to enlarged prostate problem

TURP surgery in India can give a lot of relief from the pain and problems that are associated with the increase in the size of the Prostate gland. This medical condition is also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. It happens in almost 40% of the male population once they cross the age of 50 and requires a relatively simple surgery to cure it. The preferred surgery in the medical world for curing enlarged prostate is Transurethral Resectioning of the Prostate Gland. High quality medical equipment in super specialty hospitals is used for performing TURP under the supervision of top uro surgeons.

The symptoms on the BPH must be aptly recognized before taking the decision to opt for TURP. They are frequent tendency to urinate, slow urination rate, strain in the urinary tract and urgent need to urinate. The bladder is often not emptied completely which leads to a feeling of uneasiness in genitor-urinal area. If BPH is left unmediated and untreated, it can lead to Hematuria, prostate cancer, dysuria (both short-term and permanent) along with a large number of urinary tract infections.

TURP Procedure

TURP surgery in India especially laser TURP is a surgical process requiring minimal invasion and is usually the top choice for curing adenofibromatous Hyperplasia or prostatic hyperplasia in which the prostate cells keep increasing in size and number.
A specially engineered laser beam is flowed all over the prostate organ so that the blood vessels are all sealed off and the pressure on the prostate gland is reduced. The surgeon then inserts the endoscope through the urethra and resects the enlarged prostate. No external scars are seen. One needs to stay at the hospital for one-two days after the procedure. Daily activities can be resumed in a week’s time.

Advantages of conducting TURP Surgery in India

India is known all over the world for its high quality of medical services and specialized bank of doctors and surgeons. Some kinds of surgery like TURP surgery are preferred to be done in India even by patients residing in western countries as there is a lot of time and cost savings. It’s estimated that its 40% cheaper to get TURP Surgery in India including flight and accommodation expenses in comparison to the other affluent western countries.

Most well known hospitals in India have accreditation from NABH and JCI which are international medical standard governing bodies. This ensures that they follow all the global norms for surgical standards, equipment quality, cleanliness, hygiene and in patient stay parameters. This makes India one of the best places to avail TURP surgery in India

India has considerably low waiting period between opting for the surgery and actually getting the surgery done because of the large availability of well trained surgeons and medical staff. This is unlike Western countries where there is usually a large waiting period (minimum 3 months) which makes it inconvenient for the patient.

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