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Giving Mind the Ears: Fixing Deafness with Cochlear Implant

Get cochlear implant surgery in India at low cost

"Can you hear me? Am I audible? "

These are the first few words that are most often spoken to communicate with people with hearing loss after successful cochlear implantation. Although not life threatening, hearing loss has tremendous impact on the quality of life of the person, especially infants. It always impedes the normal growth of the child. 

Over last two decades, research and advances in the medical technology has opened the doors for such children and has been given a new leash of life to the patients with severe hearing loss. Cochlear implant in India has made it possible for individuals with hearing loss to lead better, life cost effectively, without compromising on quality and outcomes.

Cochlear implant surgery in India

Cochlear implant is a small electronic device that is surgically implanted to substitute the role of impaired inner ear or cochlea and facilitates the person with severe to profound hearing loss perceive the sense of sound helping them understand the speech. The implant has 2 parts, one is the external part that rests behind the ear and the other portion is surgically stationed underneath the skin. The cochlear implant is made of; 

1. Microphone- meant to receive the sound from the surrounding 

2. A speech processor- for selecting and processing the sound received through microphone 

3. A transmitter and receiver- for receiving the signals sent by the speech processor and converting those signals into electric impulses 

4. Electrode array- for assembling the impulses and conveying them to different sections of auditory nerve. 

cochlear implant surgery in India at low cost
Cochlear implant works of the impaired portion
of the inner ear 
restoring the sense of hearing
In 1985, FDA approved single electrode cochlear implant for completely deaf individuals, those who could only sense vibrations using hearing aid. Recent advances have changed the criteria in which the child/adult who were not considered ideal for the cochlear implant few years prior, may now be eligible for the procedure. For instance, the age of the infants for cochlear implant has now reduced to as young as 12 months from 2 years.

Cochlear implant vs Hearing aids

Cochlear implant is distinct from the hearing aid as it replaces the work of the impaired portion of the inner ear instead of making the sounds louder. 

Hearing loss usually occurs due to damaged hair cells in the inner ear resulting in inability to send electrical signals to the brain. If the auditory nerve is unharmed, cochlear implant can let you hear. Hearing aids only amplify the surrounding sound and thus wearing hearing aids is helpful only in instances like partial hearing loss. In contrast to the hearing aids, cochlear implants bypasses the damaged hair cells in the cochlea and stimulates the auditory nerve directly and helps in restoring the sense of hearing. 

Early diagnosis is the key for making the best of cochlear implant, as the research has proven that attaining age apt language skills are excellent in children who have received implant in younger age than in older ones. Cochlear implant undoubtedly offers the opportunity to thousands of deaf children to develop appropriate language and listening skills with much ease than the children using hearing aids. The technology has not only helped infants but even the adults are also eligible candidate for cochlear implant if they have realistic expectations from the surgery. 

Rehab after Cochlear implant- as important as surgery

Implantation of the cochlear implant is just the first step towards the goal. Activating and programming the implant processor accurately is vital to hear sounds. This needs patience and several sessions to get the perfect synchronization which shall work best for you. 

Attaining the accurate programming of the implant processor does not complete the process. It is like you have been given a book and you don’t know how to read. Speech/ Aural rehabilitation is crucial to understand the surrounding sounds and practice it to learn and speak language. Speech language pathologist, audiologist, surgeon play an important role to help the patient interpret how to hear through implant and how to comprehend the speech. 

A successful implantation changes your communication skills and abilities and makes you more poised and independent. Practice and patience is the key to restore your hearing ability with cochlear implant. 

IndiCure promises to make your voyage from silence to sound, an incredible experience for you. We have chosen few of the exceptionally skilled surgeons and best hospital for cochlear implant surgery in India to provide you the most affordable and successful treatment. For more information on cochlear implant surgery in India, write to us at, or call us at +91-932-003-6777 | +1-877-270-2448 or Skype us @ Indicure

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