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Hip replacement surgery: the growing popularity of surgery overseas

Hip replacement surgery abroad to rid of constant pain

As health care costs in the United States rise, an increasing number of Americans are going overseas for elective procedures, or are at least considering the possibility. The growing numbers of American medical tourists tend to be people who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not adequately cover the procedure they need. Hip replacement surgery in India has seen a steep rise in the recent years with a larger overseas population belonging to the age group of 45 – 60 years opting for joint replacement surgery overseas.
There are several advantages that hip replacement surgery brings to a person’s life. Some of the primary advantages are elimination of pain, extension of range of physical motions and improvement of quality of life and these activities help in the gradual return to normal everyday activities. The process of surgery actually replaces a defunct hip joint with normal artificial prosthetic implants and this, results in drastic relief from diseases like arthritis and associated symptoms like pain, stiffness of limbs and discomfort.

Basic guidelines about Hip Replacement Abroad

There is a long waiting list for quality hip implants in most countries including Nigeria, US and Europe which is why many are opting for affordable hip replacement surgery in India; where decades of experienced surgeons are available in spite of it being a developing country. These countries have individualistic surgery and post-surgery treatment plans along with options for immediate straight booking systems.
Affordable Hip replacement surgery in India
Drastic relief with Hip replacement surgery in India

The hip replacement surgeries in India are performed in private clinics and multi-specialty top hospitals in India with expert team of surgeons and staff. It is mandatory that the critical part of post-operational rehabilitation phase is performed at the same hospital where the surgery was performed and under the best orthopedic surgeons in India who had performed the surgery. If the patient wants, further intensive and prolonged rehabilitation phase is arranged in a health resort or a wellness center.

Things to look for in Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad

Hip replacement surgery is quite a serious kind of surgery which has immense health repercussions and a long healing phase. Choosing the correct surgeon and hospital abroad is very important and there are several parameters that you should base your search on.
  • One of the first things to look for is a comprehensive and free evaluator service about past medical history.
  • There should be the inclusion of Board certified best Orthopedic surgeons in India  and certified physiotherapists who have decades of experiences in reputed facilities.
  • There should be a local representative and a translator (in case there is a language issue) who will help you through the whole hip replacement process. Ideally this facility should be included in your package for hip replacement surgery.
  • Make sure that the medical and surgical staffs are from the best orthopedic hospitals in India. And those who are assigned to your hip replacement surgery program in the hospital abroad have specialized experience in total hip replacement.
  • There should be options for both surgery only stays and an all included deal for rehabilitation stay. It is recommended for patients seeking surgery abroad that they opt for an all-inclusive stay which also offers the post-operative rehabilitation functions.
  • Ensure that there is a range of full rehabilitation technique and physical therapy options available at the hospital in the country you have chosen for the surgery.
  • Look for value added services like swimming pool, steam and sauna bath facility, fitness centers, wellness centers, on site cafe etc. which can make your hospital more comfortable
  • Ensure that the paperwork and accommodation facilities are pre-booked and ready before you actually arrive.

An expert medical tourism facilitator like IndiCure will make sure that you have a successful hip replacement surgery in India under board certified surgeons and in best chosen hospitals. For more details and FREE CONSULTATION on your hip replacement surgery in India write to us at or call us at + 91 93200 36777 | +1 (877) 270 2448 or Skype @Indicure.

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