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Organ transplant medication could protect against Alzheimer’s

New medicine that restricts organ transplant rejection can protect against Alzheimer’s

Incidences of the neuro-degenerative disorders less in organ transplant patients.

Anti-rejection medication prescribed to organ transplant patients could have the potential to guard them from Alzheimer’s disease, says a new research study. This new finding has observed low incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in those patients who were administered calcineurin inhibitor-based drugs to prevent organ rejection.

A recently publishes study on Alzheimer’s disease documented the medical records of 2,600 individuals who underwent organ transplant surgery. It was noted that in comparison to the general population these patients showed lower incidences of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

The study detailed that only eight out the selected number of patients showed signs of dementia. When this data is compared to the national data on the prevalence of Alzheimer's, it was concluded that the incidence of the neuro-degenerative disorder is significantly lower and even nearly absent in the transplant group compared with that of the general population.

What is Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia which is indicated with memory loss that gets worse with time. There is no recognized medication to cure this disease yet; however researchers are working on recognizing factors that could lessen the risk of developing this condition. There are medications that help to suppress or prevent the symptoms of dementia; however, there are no drugs to completely eliminate the disease.

Calcineurin and its effects

Organ transplant patients are prescribed calcineurin inhibitor-based drugs such as Tacrolimus or cyclosporine to suppress their immune system and prevent it from rejecting the new organs.

Calcineurin is an enzyme that regulates communication between the cells of the brain and memory formation. It has a critical part in the formation of toxic protein aggregates targeting and disrupting brain cells that are responsible for memory among individuals suffering from Alzheimer's.

However, medical practitioners have observed that the patients who have been injected with this drug had lower prevalence rates for Alzheimer’s. Tacrolimus or cyclosporine is one example of this drug and it has been used for years by medical practitioners. The discovery of this new medical treatment gave way for researchers to now focus on preventing immunosuppression while still gaining the results of preventing dementia.


Creating a drug that is similar to Tacrolimus or cyclosporine, minus the immunosuppression effect, can best treat dementia. As of now, doctors have tapered the use of cyclosporine, so as to limit immunosuppression when dealing with Alzheimer’s patients. In time, a perfect drug combination will be out on the market that is specific for old age patients, basing on this new discovery.

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