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Best Paediatric Cardiac Hospitals in India for successful treatment

Narayan B, 42 and his wife, Sheela were blessed with a healthy baby girl in 2011. The wait was long, but the couple walked out happy from a reputed maternity nursing home in Iowa, US. It has been four years for the happy family, and their little girl Tanya now is in pre-school- performing her best and making her parents proud. The happy moments though were short-lived when Tanya collapsed at one of her school plays on stage. Tanya was rushed to the nearest child-care centre, where the doctors informed Narayan and Sheela of the heart defects their doting child was born with.

The storm seemed to have engulfed the family; they were at a loss for words and emotions. While initial tests itself ripped half of the family earnings, doctors insisted on further tests that would ultimately lead to Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery and with no time to lose that too!

The family doctor and a close friend of Narayan suggested an alternative, which wouldn’t only save the family from refinancing their mortgage and saving their home, but also saving their daughters life with cheaper and high-quality Paediatric cardiac surgery in India.

Paediatric cardiac surgery in India - an overview

“Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery is surgery for congenital heart defects [defects at birth]. The incidence of congenital heart defects is 8 per 1000 live births. Paediatric cardiac surgery deals with closed and open heart surgeries. Closed heart surgery is a procedure without the heart lung machine.”

Before we tell you more on the benefits of Paediatric cardiac surgery in India, here is an overview which would set things straight for many concerned parents whose kids have been born unfortunately with heart defects, quite major to deal with.

Is the surgery a complex one?

Yes, paediatric cardiac surgery isn’t a simple process to deal with, and especially when surgeons have to deal with newborns and smaller children. Complexities are the norm and the dexterity of the surgeon is of high and very prime importance. Since the heart of a newborn or a child would be much more fragile than that of an adult, the margin of safety here would be very narrow, which is why heart defects in children cannot be handled by a novice- only the best and very experienced surgeons dealing with Paediatric cardiac surgery in India, should be summoned.

­­­Why India?

In addition to being an English speaking nation, the departments at various reputed and well-known hospitals in the nation are well equipped with the following-

  • World class cardiac surgeons
  • World class cardiologists
  • World class paediatric anaesthologists
  • World class paediatric intensisvists 
  • Comprehensive management staff and teams- 24*7
  • Specialised Cardiac Cath Procedure experts
  • High-end cath lab services on call
  • Experts dealing with coarctation repair and shunt operations, vascular rings and more

Services on offer

Well-known and top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India across various hospitals of repute are known to have worked successfully and helped children and newborns especially with the following-

  • ASD- Atrial Septal Defect ASD 
  • Ventricular Septal Defect 
  • Fallot's Tetralogy 
  • Open heart surgery 
  • Thoracotomy, to name a few

It would be wise to speak with your family doctor back home, who would be well-networked and connected with the bastion of medical experts in India, and in turn, help you find the right hospital and the best or top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India too.

One has to understand the importance of bringing to the child an expert’s touch- the case with heart complexities isn’t the job for a novice or an intern to handle, but only for doctors and surgeons with high-end expertise, state-of-the-art medical training, well-versed knowhow of the latest tools and medic-techno advances in the world of ventricular Septal Defect surgeries and more- no short change should be allowed here!

Cost comparison

Another reason why most clients look at top paediatric cardiac surgeons in India is because of the low-costs and high-quality medical care. This is one of the reasons why medical tourism in India is at its peak- holistic care with the best hands working on your child, would send you back home, happy! Below is a snapshot of the cost comparison, which would leave one stunned on the prices to save with high-quality medical care-

Procedure: Angioplasty

US Insurers Cost: US$ 25,704/- - US$ 37,128/-

US retail Cost: US$ 57,262/- - US$ 82,711/-

In India it costs: US$ 11,000/-

Procedure: Heart Bypass

US Insurers Cost: US$ 54,741/- - US$ 79,071/-

US retail Cost: US$ 1, 22,424/- - US$ 1, 76,835/-

In India it costs: US$ 11,000/-

Facilities on offer at the best hospitals in India

While India and its doctors at the most reputed heart-care hospitals around would be reason why medical tourists from USA, UK, Nigeria, the far-east, the middle-east and even from south-east Asian countries and other nations flock here, the facilities too at such low costs is another prime life-saving reason.

  • The best paediatric cardiac hospitals in India offer the following;
  • Customised cardiac theatres
  • Computerized monitoring systems
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • State of the art intensive care units
  • Round-the-clock trained nurses
  • Experienced and certified Physiotherapists
  • Multipannel overhead monitors per bed
  • Bedside colour Doppler’s
  • E.C.G systems
  • 24*7 Oxygen supply
  • Intra aortic balloon pump and more

Be wise and save your child’s life with high-quality and very affordable healthcare services from reputed and the best paediatric cardiac hospitals in India. Heal the heart and keep your finances in good shape too, your child would thank you later for this kind act of humanity!

For more information on best and affordable paediatric heart surgery, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 or chat with us at Skype @IndiCure

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