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Breast implants surgery simplified

Breast implants surgery - important things you should know

Breast augmentation with implants has enjoyed the top spot for maximum number of cosmetic surgeries performed in US for many years and still continues to do so. According to National Plastic Surgery statistics, 290, 244 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the US alone in 2013. One can well imagine the number of breast augmentation performed all across the world.

The advancements in the techniques and quality of implants have made breast augmentation surgery fairly simple and safe. This is clearly reflected by the sheer number of breast augmentation performed. However, many women still find it challenging to find the right implant, size or surgeon for the surgery. So, here are a few tips which shall make the decision of breast augmentation surgery easier and simpler for you.

  • Saline or Silicone implants-   If you are confused between the two, it may be helpful to know that more than 75% of the women choose to get silicone implants over saline. The reasons are many- natural feel and appearance; silicone implants are lighter and softer. There are no chances of deflation with almost nil chances of leakage with forth generation cohesive gel silicone implants. They come in different shapes, sizes and texture.

For women, who want little smaller incision and lesser cost option, saline implants are better alternative. You can discuss your options in detail with your plastic surgeon in India to have a better understanding.

cost of breast implants in India
Silicone vs Saline implants

  •  Size of the implants– determining size of breast implants unnerves most women. Almost all are concerned about either ending up being too big or less than desired size of breast size. Many surgeons state that their patients tell them “My friend has 350 cc implants and hers look great, so I want the same.”It is important to note that each body and its shape are different. It is not necessary if 350 cc implants look great on her, they would look the same on you. 

The surgeons have a scientific way of calculating the appropriate size. They take various measurements and advise the best size according to your body. Your plastic surgeon in India would give you different sizers to try and would make you a part of the decision making process.

  •  Position of the implant-  Implant placement can be sub-muscular also called sub-pectoral (below the pectoral muscle) or sub-glandular (below the breast tissue). Different surgeons have different opinions about where to place the implants and what gives most natural results. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can discuss your options with your plastic surgeon in detail during face to face discussion for an informed decision.

  • Incision- Though there are different standard incisions techniques through which implant placement can be done, most surgeons use either of these three techniques for breast augmentation- Peri-areolar, Infra-mammary or trans-axillary incision. All of them have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Your plastic surgeon shall discuss the options with you and advise the type of incision based on your body type, implant size and type and your lifestyle.

  • Surgeon’s experience- One of the most important factors in determining successful breast implants surgery is the surgeon’s expertise in performing breast augmentation. Before you sign in for the surgery, make sure you have a good look at the profile of the surgeon, check if he is board certified, how many breast augmentation surgeries has he performed, have a look at few before after pictures of the patients he has operated and talk to few of his past clients.

A good medical tourism company would not shy away from giving you the contacts of the past patients and would always help you make an informed decision.

IndiCure is the most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India. Having served hundreds of patients for plastic surgery in India from across the world, we understand your requirements well. For more information about affordable breast augmentationsurgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 or chat with us at Skype @IndiCure

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