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Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction at the Same Time - Pros and Cons

Combined tummy tuck and Breast reduction

Tummy tuck and breast reduction are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures sought by women to get back in shape after pregnancy and childbirth. While many choose to undergo the procedures separately, a lot of women choose so and also the surgeons advise the surgery together. Like every coin has two sides, combining a tummy tuck with breast reduction to has its share of pros and cons.

The advantages of combining a tummy tuck and breast reduction are- You undergo one surgery and thus one recovery. The results are also more apparent and pronounced when you undergo both procedures at the same time.  This is because of improved synergy and harmony and thus overall aesthetic result. The cost goes down to a great extent, because your hospital stay, anaesthesia, pre-op investigations, medicines are all common.

Combining tummy tuck and breast reduction makes all the more sense if you are opting for plastic surgery abroad. You save a lot on your air ticket, accommodation, visa and a lot of other expenses if you combine the procedures.

Now let’s have a look at the flip side of combining the procedures. Your recovery would be intense and you might feel pain for first few days after the surgery. The other disadvantage is longer anaesthesia, which means longer recovery or increased risk.

While many plastic surgeons do advise combining the procedures, many do not wish to do so. However, most surgeons agree that the key to combine tummy tuck and breast reduction depends on various factors. Our expert plastic surgeons in India have tried to explain this as follows.

Combining tummy tuck and breast reduction depends on various factors which include:
  • Patient’s overall health: A patient who is in good overall health and is close to ideal weight, no health problems with good Hb level is a better candidate for combined surgery than one who is not. 
  • How extensive the surgery is to be done: A patient with high BMI who also needs lots of liposuction with a tummy tuck or a female with very big breasts, determine how long would it take for the surgery to be completed. IndiCure affiliate expert plastic surgeons in India always make sure that the anaesthesia time never exceeds the stipulated international limits of 6 hours. If the surgeons feel that the patient needs extensive surgery, the surgery is done at a gap of few days. The anesthesia time also depends on the number of plastic surgeons the main surgeon is being assisted by. If there are 3-4 well trained plastic surgeons assisting the primary surgeon, the surgeon can combine extensive surgery because the anesthesia time automatically goes down.
  • Surgeon’s skills and experience: A lot also depends on  surgeon’s skill and experience in performing surgeries. While one surgeon may take 8-9 hours to complete the combined surgery, other may neatly finish the procedure well within 6 hours.
  • Anaesthetist’s experience: Few surgeons still feel that it is worth taking a chance to go a little beyond 6 hours if the anaesthetist is well experienced and has handled long anaesthesia hours.
  • Type of facility where the surgery is done: A facility with ICU and emergency room facilities gives the surgeon better scope to be little aggressive than with no backup facilities. The surgeon tends to be more conservative without these facilities, not that a good surgeon would unnecessarily take chances.
In the nutshell, combined plastic surgeries have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important point is to minimize the risks associated with the procedures. An experienced and skill surgeon would advise whether it is advisable for YOU to combine a tummy tuck and breast reduction or no.

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