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The Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in India

Brazilian butt lift in India

Brazilian butt lift in India
A Brazilian butt lift in India for that perfect rear!
You do not have to travel to France to get a French manicure! Similarly, you do not have to travel to Brazil to get a Brazilian Butt lift procedure either. 

India should do it for you, figuratively and literally.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is a butt augmentation procedure that uses an individual’s own body fat and results in:
  •  A better body profile.
  •  Firmer and more youthful buttocks.
  • Correcting conditions such as sagging butt and even asymmetrical buttocks.
While there are many countries that offer this procedure to Americans, India is continuing to draw large numbers of Americans simply because of the many advantages it offers. 

Here is looking at the top 5 advantages for Americans traveling for a Brazilian butt lift in India.

Advantages of Brazilian butt lift in India

1.      Cost effectiveness

The cost of the butt augmentation in India can include tests, consultations, surgeon’s fees, hospital room charges, medicines, anesthetist’s fees and so on. 

Depending on the hospital and surgeon and the location that you choose and even the extensiveness and type of procedure, the cost of the procedure in India can be as low as $3000. In the USA, again, depending one few factors, you are looking at costs ranging between $9000 and $12000.

2.     Surgeons and Hospitals

Even though cost-effectiveness of the procedure is certainly a main consideration for people traveling from the USA to India, it is also heartening to note that the low cost is for high-quality surgeons and hospitals. 

There is no compromise on the quality of technology and human expertise that is deployed at your service. You can get access to JCI accredited hospitals and the surgeons who would operate on you are board certified.

3.     Medical tour operators

Networking with best doctors and top hospitals in India may be difficult for you as an individual while you are in the USA. So, find the right Indian medical tour operator to:
  • Give expert consultation with a reputable doctor who will answer all your queries and address all your concerns.
  • Make all arrangements for your travel, hospital stay and recovery period as well.
  • Ensure that you have no problems while coming in from America to India.
  • Give you a personalized plan that is meant to take care of you and your need. No ‘one size fits all approach’ here.

4.     No waiting needed

Given your busy schedule, you cannot afford to wait for a long time for the procedure right? India offers the huge benefit of reduced or even nil waiting time. IndiCure can assure you no waste of your time. Get quality and quick services in India as soon as you arrive. Since you have to hardly wait, it ensures critical time-saving and many medical tourists have benefited from it.

5.     Holiday destinations

Plastic surgery holidays in India
Get rejuvenated in India by visiting tourist hotspots and
beaches after your surgery.
Typically, the recuperative period after a Brazilian butt lift can range anywhere from 7 to 21 days. So why not use this time to rest and rejuvenate in India? 

The amazing locales here include cultural hotspots, beaches, forests, mountains and so much more. Of course, it is a good idea to ask your surgeon all about post-operative care before making plans with your medical tour agency.

Cosmetic surgery certainly has plenty of benefits to offer and when you choose a destination such as India, you can boost the advantage even more. Reliability of the medical landscape in this country is one of the biggest reasons why Americans choose India.

Schedule your Free consultation with the best plastic surgeons in India and plan your plastic surgery holiday with the most experienced medical tour agency in India. Call USA Toll Free at + 1-877-270-2448 or India at +91 93200 36777. You may alternatively write to us at or talk to us on Skype @ Indicure

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