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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in India - Affordable Solution to Morbid Obesity

Obesity - the curse of an unhealthy lifestyle

Weight loss surgery in India
Obesity - beginning of other serious
health issues
Obesity is one of the fastest growing lifestyle disorders and is no longer considered an epidemic only of the developed world. In the US alone, almost one-third of the population is obese while in Nigeria nearly two-thirds of the urban population are obese.

The statistics are alarming! Sadly, obesity is the start of other more serious health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – a solution to morbid obesity

Treating obesity requires lifestyle changes but in many cases, surgical intervention becomes the only option for its effective treatment. 

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries which have proven to offer effective and long term results. Gastric sleeve is a restrictive surgery, which in simpler terms means it restricts the amount of food the body can accept. The surgery involves making the stomach smaller, of the size of a banana. In layman terms, it involves removal of a large part of the stomach reducing its capacity to hold food and hence, reduction in food intake results in weight loss. 

The surgery takes about 2-3 hours and patients typically stay in the hospital for 3-4 days. You would be advised to stay in town for about a week after discharge from the hospital. It is good to stay over in a hotel close to the hospital after until complete recovery is done so that medical assistance, if needed during this period can be easily accessed.

Gastric sleeve surgery abroad in India

Opting to get gastric sleeve surgery abroad is a good option when its is not being covered by medical insurance. Many insurance companies do sometimes relax their acceptance criteria if the surgery is being done abroad due to its lower cost.

It serves well to consider several aspects while planning the surgery abroad. The first consideration is probable destinations and top 5 medical tourism destinations are a good set to consider. Within the top 5 destinations for medical tourism, India holds a distinct reputation due to the availability of some of the best surgeons in the world at an affordable cost and a diverse experience which is beyond any comparison. 

Medical tourism facilitator
It is natural to have concerns and questions about the operation, travel and stay. Many of these concerns get alienated when the medical travel is planned by a professional medical tourism agency. So, the most important step to your gastric sleeve surgery abroad is to choose a good medical tourism facilitator. A professional medical tourism operator will help you find a trustworthy and qualified bariatric surgeon with whom you can trust your life. They would also help you find the right hospital and also offer you the best possible price for the surgery. Qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon and a good hospital for international patients are the most important factors for a successful surgery and it becomes, even more, crucial when planning to get it done overseas. An expert medical tourism facilitator can help you in making all these decisions by providing you the options most suitable for you. 

Surgeon's availability and other details
Once you decide on the date for your surgery, check the surgeon’s availability with your provider and book your flight tickets only after the confirmation. Also, look for the visa formalities, whether you can avail visa on arrival or you need to to take visa from India High Commission in your country before you start. Your medical tour operator would be able to provide you complete information about this and help you plan things properly. Your travel, stay, doctors’ appointments, surgery and a possible holiday can all be presented as a package specially customized for you based on your requirements. You and your loved ones can thus just focus on the surgery and recuperation. Here also, choosing a good and trustworthy medical tourism facilitator is very important.

Contact us for any assistance in planning a gastric sleeve surgery in India, call us at USA Toll-free  + 1-877-270-2448 or India +91 93200 36777. You may write to us at or talk to us on Skype @ Indicure.

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