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Mid-Life Nip & Tuck - More Americans Choose Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery for the American male

Vanity is no more a domain restricted to women alone. More and more American men are taking a leap into self-beautification and rejuvenation. All thanks to higher self-consciousness, social obligations, and propagation of perfect faces and bodies through electronic media, and more importantly easy availability of beauty treatments both invasive and otherwise.
Men’s salons until a couple of decades back meant just a hair cutting and shaving place, but not anymore. They now offer everything from facial, waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure! For the more motivated menfolk, especially in their middle ages, cosmetic surgeries are the next step to more youthful and attractive self.  It is hardly surprising that there is a large market for nip tucks for middle-aged men in their 50s and 60s.  
Cosmetic surgery overseas
American men seeking mid-life nip/tuck overseas has seen a prominent increase.

Nip/tuck – Cosmetic surgery overseas

A nip and tuck are referred to plastic surgery for the face to reduce/remove wrinkles. Skin is pulled back after making an incision near the hairline and excess tissue is removed, providing almost instant results. Also sometimes referred to as a facelift, nip-tuck is no longer limited to celebrities. Though still an expensive proposition for the average American, choices now are much more when it comes to opting for the surgeon, the hospital, and even the country.
That’s right, with a surge in demand for mid-life nip tuck, American men are increasingly accepting the idea of travelling abroad to go under the knife. Reasons are many:
  • Unaffordable operating costs in the home country; USA is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to medical procedures
  • Zero insurance because cosmetic surgeries are not covered
  • Comparable services offered in another country
  • Successful stories of friends and family members who opted for surgery abroad
  • A chance to visit a new country and clubbing the procedure along with sightseeing opportunities

Plastic surgery overseas

Countries around the globe are laying out the red carpet for this particular segment of clients. A typical middle-aged American man is presumed to have sufficient savings so as to spend well. He is also already retired or ready for retirement so has plenty time for a vacation abroad. Men, who are at the peak of their careers, feel young but might not have the looks to prove so are also a large segment of this clientele. This desire leads them to have a nip-tuck done to enhance or rectify their looks and features. It is not surprising then, that medical tourism hotspots are going all out to attract prospective clients with a promise for superior and safe medical healthcare facilities.

Cosmetic surgery in India

India is one of the rising stars in hosting foreign patients to its soil every year and is renowned for its reputed doctors and world class hospitals. However for an American residing in the USA, it is a daunting task to find the right resources that will help him getting the surgery done in India. Medical tourism facilitators are a great help in this scenario. Credible and reputed medical tourism facilitators are the bridge between patients and their destination countries. To ensure a hassle-free trip for your cosmetic surgery in India, they offer everything from customized travel itineraries to thoroughly planned nip tuck procedures by coordinating with best cosmetic surgeons and top hospitals in India followed by recuperating vacations.

So if a nip tuck is on your agenda, look no further than getting in touch with IndiCure today. Mail in your queries to or call us at + 1-877-270-2448 (US toll-free) or +91 93200 36777 or Skype @ Indicure.

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