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Knee replacement in India – surgery and recuperation

Replacement surgery and India

Knee replacement surgery in India is a great choice for international patients. Not only is the country known for its medical know-how and infrastructure, the costs associated are a huge plus. No wonder the medical tourist traffic to the country is steadily rising from the Americas and Europe to Africa and other Asian countries! India is fairly popular when it comes to knee and joint replacement cases. 

Knee replacement in India
Knee replacement surgery is a great option for International patients.
Knee replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. The replacement can be partial or complete and usually calls for a hospital stay for a maximum of four days and minimum of one. Since the knee is one of the most stressed parts of the body, it is crucial that the patient goes through careful therapy and rehabilitation which can take just a couple of months to a year. 

In many cases, patients are also placed in CPM (continuous passive motion) which enables movement of the knee while still in bed. This continuous movement is recommended in order to avoid any kind of stiffness. In the next few days of recuperation, the patient is encouraged to start with light movements like getting up from the bed, walking and low impact exercises. By the third or fourth day of surgery, the patient is usually able to move around with support like crutches or a cane, at which stage he/she is allowed to be discharged and follow-up needed after about six weeks.

A medical tourist in India

As a medical tourist in India, this is a good time to spend at your destination hotel/resort and recuperate in peace and convenience. If a physical therapist has been assigned to visit the patient on a regular basis, then one must continue with the exercises and gradually get to a stage where it's possible to head out and maybe enjoy some sight-seeing opportunities in the city. It makes the rehabilitation both fun and interesting! It’s not a bad idea to time the surgery in one of the good seasons like spring or autumn when the moderate temperatures do not hamper any outdoor plans.

Though each case would differ, a long-term recovery of a year is a sufficient time by which a patient is able to resume to normal and active lifestyle akin to pre-surgery. Though the new knee may seem a little stiff, it is quite normal and expected. The key is right post-operative care and physical therapy. 

In the nutshell, if you are travelling from overseas to get your knee replacement in India, plan for a stay of 2-3 weeks for a good recovery and some site seeing before you go back home.

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