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Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons in India

If are looking for plastic surgery in India, you definitely would like to have the answer to this question. We do not simply want to give a list of names of 10 cosmetic surgeons here, because the answer is not as straight forward as the question is!

It is natural that anyone working for any surgeon or company would like to promote or write his/her surgeon to be the best or top cosmetic surgeon in India.So, listing the names of 10 plastic surgeons or saying these are the 10 top plastic surgeons in India would be of little help to you. How do you then decide which surgeon to chose?

How to rate 10 best plastic surgeons?

The important question that comes here is - how do you rate top surgeons? Almost all surgeons have a great body of work to show and would definitely have some not so great results.

top 10 plastic surgeons in India
What is the criteria to decide the ranking of the Surgeon?

So, how do you rate top 10 surgeons in the country? 

  • Is it the number of surgeries performed by the surgeon? How do you qualify the results then? 
  • Is it the qualification of the surgeon? Many would not have many fancy degrees to show, but may have great surgical skills.  
  • Is that international associations that make the surgeon top? Many may have too busy a practice that they may not even bother to have associations. 
  • Is it his great visibility on the internet? Many really good surgeons do not even bother to market themselves; some do not want to or may be too busy with their practice that marketing seems too much of an effort to them.

Best Plastic Surgeons in India

India is a huge country and there are lots of plastic surgeons practicing in the country. How do you then rate surgeons? Or how do you then say that these are the Top 10 best cosmetic surgeons in the country.

If you are seriously looking for cosmetic surgery in India and seeking really good surgeon for your surgery, we can help you find one.

how to decide the best plastic surgeon
We can help you decide the Best plastic surgeon for YOU!

There are many good, really good cosmetic surgeons in India. In terms of qualification, they are highly qualified, are US, UK, Australia or Indian Board certified, they have an experience of 20 years or may be more, have many satisfied patients and can thus be counted among renowned and sought after plastic surgeons.

Important things you must know about Plastic Surgery

When you are opting to undergo plastic surgery, you must understand few basic things about plastic surgery first.

  • You and medical patients are different- When a patient undergoes heart surgery or cancer treatment or any other medical treatment, his requirements and pre-conditions are different than yours. It is YOU who chose to undergo the surgery and thus your requirements and pre-conditions are different from other patients. It is important to understand these nuances and then only a good provider can offer you the services accordingly.
    cosmetic surgery is different for every patient
    Cosmetic Surgery is different for each person, so needs to be customized

  • The results of the surgery depend on- Unlike gamma knife or Cyberknife surgery, where technology is important, the most important thing in making a plastic surgery procedure successful is the skill of the surgeon. Though technology and post op care hold an important place, it is the surgeon’s expertise and skill which are most important.

  • Your and the other patient’s choice and outlook may be different- It is important to understand that you may find one particular surgeon to be the best, but that may not be liked at all by the other. Since cosmetic surgery is not a cardiac or brain surgery, where the goal of the surgery is to save the life of the patient or make him or her healthy, the criteria here are completely different. A cardiac surgeon or neuro-surgeon may not talk to you for long, but if he is good at his work, he is a good surgeon and that’s it. If a cosmetic surgeon is not ready to talk and understand your requirements well; even if he has great surgical skills, may not be good to you.

  • Cosmetic surgery has limitations- It is important to understand that cosmetic surgery can enhance or improve your features. They cannot change you. There are limitations in which cosmetic surgery can be performed- limitations of the results, limitations in the number of hours of surgery, in terms of liters of fat that can be removed and many other parameters. It is thus important to have realistic expectations and discuss what can be achieved and accordingly what results you can expect. If the surgeon is promising you sky to sign you for the surgery; beware, you are bound to be disappointed with the results. 

  • Your surgery may not be same as other patient even if you undergo the same procedure- Even if you and your friend have decided to undergo breast augmentation with implants or tummy tuck or with the same surgeon; your surgery, technique and outcome MAY be different from your friend. So is the recovery and results. 

 How to Decide Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon for YOU?

How do you decide Who is the Best?

We have listed a few pointers which shall help you decide whether he or she is a good or so called top surgeon and is worth trusting your health, time and money.

  • Check the surgeon’s credentials- Do have a look into your surgeon’s qualifications, experience, international associations and most importantly, if he has any case of malpractice against him. Though these are basic things, it will help you filter out many surgeons. A surgeon with American, British or ISAPS board certification has lots of accountability. Check how often he updates himself with what is the latest happening in the cosmetic surgery world.

  • Talk to the surgeon on phone- Before you jump to book your flight, talk to the surgeon on phone. This shall give you an idea as to how well he understands your requirements, how open he is to your requirements and above all how approachable the surgeon is. Cosmetic surgery is all about you and your choice, so you must be heard and understood well. After all YOU wanted the surgery and not your medical condition forced a surgery, so you OUGHT to be heard and understood well. Of course, what you want may or may not be achievable under the limitations of plastic surgery, but that should be well discussed with the surgeon.

  •  Have a video-chat with the surgeon- That shall give you a great level of confidence. When you have seen your surgeon over video, have got all your queries and concerns answered, you have made a well informed decision. This shall leave little room for surprises when you reach your destination country.

  •  Ask for references of the past patients- Ask your provider to give you references of the past patients the surgeon has operated on. Communicating with the previous patients will give you a fair idea of the practicalities of your plastic surgery abroad.

  • Look for Reviews- Look for reviews about the surgeon and the company you are travelling with online. Generally speaking it is alright to not find good reviews, but if you find too many bad reviews about a company or surgeon, be cautious.

 If you are looking for plastic surgery in India with a good cosmetic surgeon at affordable cost, you can call us at +91-932-003-6777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free)  or write to us at or talk to us at Skype @ Indicure

IndiCure is the most renowned medical tourism company offering plastic surgery in India to patients from across the globe. Having served hundreds of patients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements well. 

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