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Best Place for Medical Treatment Abroad- India Proves it Yet Again

Rohaan- the child who underwent complex cardiac surgery in India

When four-month-old Rohaan needed a complex cardiac surgery which couldn’t be done in Pakistan, his father couldn’t think of any other destination except India. After all, he wanted the best medical treatment at affordable cost.

The constrained relations between India and Pakistan were not allowing him to get a visa to travel to India, but a tweet to Ms. Sushma Swaraj, the Honourable External Affairs Minister, Govt. of India and she made sure that the child and his parents get the much needed medical visa to come to India for his medical treatment at the earliest.

The child was brought to a famous hospital in Noida, NCR Delhi, and underwent a five-hour long surgery before being treated with an arterial switch with VSD closure. The spokesperson of the hospital said the baby was suffering from D-transportation of great arteries with an abnormal origin of the main arteries and severe pulmonary hypertension and was in need of immediate medical intervention.

The child went back to Pakistan after a successful surgery and uneventful recovery at the hospital in India and a surprise visit by Madam Sushma Swaraj who personally came to see the child and wished him a healthy life.

“The heart of my child beats today for Madame Sushma Swaraj. I would like to request her to open doors for those Pakistanis who have been waiting for medical visas. It is my humble request”, the child’s father made a humble request to the Indian Govt.

India has time and again proved that there is no better place for medical treatment abroad than her.  Though the parents of the baby had innumerable medical tourism destination to choose from;  they only chose to come to India despite visa issues and constrained relations between Indian and Pakistan.

Not only Rohaan, India has been benevolent in offering treatment, many a time free or subsidized to people in distress from all over the world. No wonder, medical tourism to India tops the minds of people looking for quality treatment at affordable cost.

Eman Ahmed at Hospital in Mumbai

The famous Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, the nearly 500-kg Egyptian and possibly the world’s heaviest woman, underwent a successful bariatric surgery at a Mumbai hospital in March this year.

She had not left her house in the last 25 years and was flown to Mumbai in a special cargo aircraft in February. This was after a series of visit to her place by the famous bariatric surgeon and his team himself to assess her condition and oversee meticulous arrangements for her travel to India.

Brought in a special truck and lifted by a crane to be shifted to a special room at a specially designed bed for her, Eman Ahmed got a new lease of life in India.

She wasn’t even able to lift her hands and was completely bed ridden for last 20 years. She underwent a series of treatments and bariatric surgery in India and was able to sit; which she had not done in years.

Besides these two world famous stories; India has been proving its mettle in the field of medicine and offering affordable treatment to the world. People from over 250 countries have come to India for highest quality yet affordable medical treatment.

There are reputed medical tourism companies in India who make the process easy for the patient to travel to India- they help with medical visa formalities, help connect with the best doctors and hospitals in India, help patients with accommodation after discharge from the hospital, foreign exchange and all that is needed for an easy stay in a foreign country.

If you are also looking for affordable medical treatment outside your country, you can write to us at IndiCure is the most reputed medical tourism company offering medical treatment in association with best hospitals and top doctors in India.

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