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Plastic Surgery in India Review

Plastic Surgery in India
Indeed! The internet has become the main source of medical information. Many patients are empowered to make their cross-border medical treatment decisions merely with the help of the Internet. And if you are fortunate enough, you might even stumble on a medical travel facilitator like IndiCure to undergo a hassle-free medical trip. Don't believe us? Read the amazing journey of Ms. Monica, from randomly searching about Medical Tourism to successfully undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries in India. Her cosmetic journey can make you take that fearless step towards choosing Medical Tourism in India. Ms. Monica had visited India recently to meet his son. During her stay in India, she recollected about how she wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery back in Michigan, US. But the costs of cosmetic surgery in Michigan, where she resides, never convinced her. That's when she decided to search for Medical Tourism in India through the internet. Whilst her research onlin…

Better Sleep After the Surgery: What Should You Do?

Sleep disturbance after the surgery is very common. The factors that play a significant role in sleep disturbances after the surgery are:

Preoperative co-morbiditiesAnesthesiaSeverity of the surgical traumaPost-surgical painEnvironmental stress
These sleep disturbances produce harmful effects on the patients that can even lead to: Increased sensitivity to painHigher risk of delirium (disturbance in mental abilities)Poor recovery
Normal Sleep Structure:
Before we go deeper into what can be done for better sleep after the surgery, let’s first understand how is the normal sleep structure like?
Sleep occurs in different stages, the two major ones are Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM) sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Non-REM sleep has four stages, of which the 3rd stage is commonly referred to as "deep sleep" or “slow-wave sleep” (SWS). In the case of adults, the non-REM sleep accounts for 70-80% and REM sleep accounts for 20-30% of the night.
“Normal sleep time” varies from pe…


Breast ReconstructionBreast reconstruction is an emotionally and physically rewarding procedure for women who lose one or both the breasts to cancer. It creates a more natural-looking breast that will mirror the appearance of your original breast.

You may be a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery if you have had a mastectomy or will be considering in the future. The surgery is commonly performed immediately after mastectomy. But if radiation is still a part of your cancer treatment, you can opt for breast reconstruction surgery months or years after mastectomy. Why Breast Reconstruction?Considering surgery again after going through cancer treatments can be stressful. But many women across the globe are opting for these reconstruction surgeries. The surgery is empowering more women to regain a sense of normalcy and also their feelings of femininity. Most of the times, the surgery helps to rebuild your breast symmetry. It can also correct previous breast surgeries and even nipple r…

Medical Tourism Trip to India- Essentials to Pack for

Medical Trip to India
Medical tourism saves money and time for those who wish to seek affordable yet quality treatment. India has claimed its position as the number one destination for medical tourism for three years in a row, thanks to the many benefits that the country offers.
If you have chosen India as your treatment destination, you will be offered world-class technology, well-renowned surgeons and top-notch hospitals along with personalized care and attention to the patient and the companion. 
Medical Tourism in India has consistently delighted medical tourists with great services and outstanding outcomes. The icing on the cake is recuperation in God’s own country at picturesque locations with a stay at comfortable hotel and good food.
However, we always insist our patients ensure that they are well prepared for their medical trip. 
Below is the list of some of the most important essentials that you should pack for before you hop on to your flight for treatment in India.

Why Should Only Women Have Good Looks?

BEAUTY IS FOR MEN TOO!Do you think that men don’t wish to look their best? Think twice! Beauty is for men too!
Nowadays, an increasing number of men are concerned about their looks. They are taking charge of their appearance by getting revitalizing procedures and treatments as a part of their confidence, health and career maintaining regime.
One of the studies revealed that physically attractive men are more likely to succeed in the workplace and lead a romantically fulfilling life. This is pretty much sufficient to drive more men to seek cosmetic procedures in order to hold a more specific appeal.

Recent data from the American Society for Plastic Surgery reveals that more and more men are seeking cosmetic surgery procedures. Eyelid Surgery is currently the most common procedure with middle-aged men. While the younger want their fat removed, most commonly from their chests.
According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), in 2017, men accounted for 14.4% of…