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Plastic Surgery Abroad- How to Make it Safe?

How to Make Plastic Surgery Abroad Safe?American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS) states that every year more than 750,000 Americans travel for plastic surgery abroad
The destination countries range from Mexico or Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic closer home; to far-flung Thailand and India. 

In more than 90% of the cases, the most important reason for medical tourism; irrespective of the destination remains the COST SAVING
The important thing to note here is that the number of happy and unhappy patients and success stories vary greatly in number. While many end up with good results and a great experience; others come back home with a botched up surgery or infections.

Why the Difference?
Why do you think few have great results and a terrific experience; while few others swear not to have any treatment or plastic surgery abroad ever?? Where did these people go wrong? 
They also chose to travel outside their home country or even to the same destination as their peers. But they are…

Dental Implants in India- The Best Solution for Your Missing Teeth

Dental Implants in India

Do you have missing teeth and need a cost-effective way to restore them?
Then, You Should Opt for Dental Implants in India!
Yes, Dental Implants in India not only help you get back your missing teeth, but you can also opt for a beautiful smile makeover at around a tenth of the cost as compared to your home country.
When you choose Dental implants in India, not only you save a lot of money, you get to see the most Incredible country on this earth, enjoy a vacation, get quality dental work done and still save money!
Yes, sounds totally unbelievable to many. But it’s a fact!
And the fact that the cost of dental treatment in India is less than a tenth of the cost of dental treatment in the West, many Westerners prefer coming to India for the dental implants, smile makeover, and various other procedures. And this has given rise to an ever increasing phenomenon “Dental Tourism”.
Dental Tourism is the process of people traveling outside their country for de…

Seeking Treatment at Best Hospitals in India?

IndiCure helps you choose the Best Hospital in India for your Medical Treatment

If you are among many people seeking medical treatment abroad, this article would surely come as help for you.
IndiCure not only helps you choose the Best hospital in India for your medical treatment, but we have also negotiated rates with these hospitals to give our patients the most discounted cost for their medical treatment in India.
Besides, you also get priority treatment and personalized care when you choose to travel with IndiCure. About IndiCure
IndiCure is the most reputed and largest medical tourism company offering medical treatment in India in association with the best hospitals. We have served more than 8000 patients in over 10 years from more than 40 countries.
Our happy patients from across the globe are a testimony of our services. The vouch for our credibility and quality of care.

Why do you need a Medical Tourism Company?
Yes, you can surely choose to travel on your own without the assistance …