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Cochlear Implant Surgery- Frequently Asked Questions

Cochlear Implant Surgery  Also referred to as bionic ear, the cochlear implant is a device that produces a sense of sound electronically. The cochlear implant provides a sense of hearing in patients who are hard of hearing, particularly because of damaged sensory hair cells in the cochlea.

The cochlea is a part of the inner ear that comprises of tiny hair cells. When there is damage to the tiny hair cells in the cochlea, sound cannot reach the auditory nerve. This type of hearing loss is called the sensorineural hearing loss.

The cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The implants allow sufficient hearing and unaided understanding of speech.

No doubt that the quality of sound with cochlear implants is different. It also allows lesser information to be perceived and processed by the brain. Yet, cochlear implants help in hearing and understanding speech and sound to a good extent. This offers great improvement in the quality of life of the…

Plastic Surgery Overseas- 4 Things Medical Tourists Must Know

Plastic Surgery OverseasTraveling overseas is not a big deal anymore and so is undergoing plastic surgery abroad. If you are getting a good deal on your plastic surgery abroad, it makes much sense to hop on a flight and undergo surgery in your chosen destination.

But things are not so simple. 
Undergoing plastic surgery itself is a serious decision and undergoing surgery abroad needs to be dealt with really carefully.
There are a few things which you should keep in mind before you hop on your flight for surgery overseas.
We list you 4 most important things you must know before you choose plastic surgery abroad.
1. The credibility of Medical Tourism Company– Like every industry, there are good and bad apples here. Since it’s not just travel for recreation, make sure the medical tourism company you choose a trustworthy medical tourism company which keeps your health and best interests in mind.
The company should understand the nuances and requirements of medical tourists and should not shy …

Plastic Surgery-10 Most Important Things to Know Before You Opt

Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery is probably the fastest way to contour your body or turn the clock back on your face. Or in simple terms, enhance your facial and body appearance. It surely has helped many men and women to look their best and improve their confidence.

However, plastic surgery is a surgery after all; and thus should be taken seriously.

It surely helps improve your appearance, but you must realize that not everyone is a good candidate. Also, remember that plastic surgery has its own limitations.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the aim of the plastic surgery is to improve your body or facial appearance.

Plastic surgery does not aim at making you look like someone else or give you the perfection!

Research has shown that people who have realistic expectations and know about the procedure well are the happiest after the operation

It is thus very important to know about the procedure properly and important things associated with your procedure.

As previously mentioned, that it is …

Mommy Makeover in India- A New Yorker's Experience

Mommy Makeover in India- My JourneyMs. Ubah from New York shares her story of how motherhood changed her physical appearance. Her zest for getting back in shape after pregnancy and how she decided to undergo her Mommy Makeover in India.  How It StartedMy journey for Mommy Makeover in India started long back before I actually underwent the real surgery.  Trust me, it was not the physical part of the surgery that took time, it was the contemplation that took years! Believe you me, undergoing an elective surgical procedure is not easy. And it becomes all the more difficult when you are a mother of three children! A mother with loads of responsibilities of household and kids, and of course, the heavy surgical bills related to the surgery to take care of. My Dilemma  I stay in New York, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And because mommy makeover is a cosmetic procedure,insurance does not cover it.  I was looking for quite a few procedures; which included Liposuction of va…

Medical Tourism- What Is It All About?

Medical Tourism
If the term sounds familiar, but seems like a term you don’t know much about; read the article to go through various aspects of medical tourism, what are the risks and benefits of the phenomenon, why people opt for it, the top countries for medical tourism, and how can you mitigate the risks associated with medical travel. In short, what medical tourism is all about.

Medical Tourism is quite a commonly used word these days. You would have stumbled upon the word in some or the other newspaper or magazine; either print or digital. If not, definitely some story somewhere about how some developing countries are making it big in the field of medical tourism.

Or maybe a story where the local medical association or doctors are warning against traveling abroad for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery stating that medical tourism is all laden with risks. And that you should stay "safe" by getting operated by the local doctors and you should not risk your health and life…