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Medical Tourism- What Is It All About?

Medical Tourism
If the term sounds familiar, but seems like a term you don’t know much about; read the article to go through various aspects of medical tourism, what are the risks and benefits of the phenomenon, why people opt for it, the top countries for medical tourism, and how can you mitigate the risks associated with medical travel. In short, what medical tourism is all about.

Medical Tourism is quite a commonly used word these days. You would have stumbled upon the word in some or the other newspaper or magazine; either print or digital. If not, definitely some story somewhere about how some developing countries are making it big in the field of medical tourism.

Or maybe a story where the local medical association or doctors are warning against traveling abroad for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery stating that medical tourism is all laden with risks. And that you should stay "safe" by getting operated by the local doctors and you should not risk your health and life…

Low Cost of Bariatric Surgery in India? Is It the Only Reason?

Bariatric Surgery in India-Does Only Low cost Drive Medical Tourists?
“Yes, I chose to get my son’s bariatric surgery in India.. And I am happy that I did it! The risk was much less than waiting for years before I could afford to get the surgery done in Australia”
Rebecca from Australia has no qualms in admitting that she couldn’t afford the weight loss surgery back home in Sydney and she chose to travel to India for her son’s surgery, Pita, all of 13 years, suffering from Obesity.
Being Obese herself till a few years ago before she underwent a Gastric Sleeve, she very well knew what it takes, and how it feels to be labeled as “Obese”. She had to wait for many years to afford the surgery locally, which she surely didn’t want for her son.
Now that she has the option of medical tourism, why not?

Why make my son go through all that I went through?
Some people laughed at me, some even said that I was being selfish to be choosing money over my son’s life and putting his life through undue ris…

Plastic Surgery Abroad: 6 Most Important Things To Know

Plastic Surgery Abroad

The high cost of plastic surgery in home country has led many people from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and various other countries to choose plastic surgery abroad.
While undergoing surgery anywhere in the world has its own share of risks- whether you undergo the knife in your home country or halfway across the globe; you are definitely in FOR A GREAT BONUS if the risks associated with your plastic surgery are even the same as in your home country! 
When travelling for cosmetic surgery abroad, you save a lot of money, get your dream surgery done without waiting for it or taking a loan, visit a new country and can even combine it with a vacation!
Planning Your Medical Trip
The catch thus lies in Planning your surgery and trip carefully and after due diligence.
We bring you the 6 Most Important Things to Check before you board the flight for plastic surgery abroad:
1.Know Well About Your Plastic Surgeon 2.Know Well About the Procedure 3.Know Well…