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Open Heart Surgery in India

Open Heart Surgery Simply put, heart surgery or cardiac surgery is the surgery that is to do with the heart and with the problems associated with the many blood vessels connected with this vital organ. Heart Surgery is performed by specialized cardiovascular surgeons. Open Heart Surgery also known as Bypass Surgery , is a surgery wherein a blood vessel from another region of the body is taken to bypass a blocked or damaged blood vessel in the heart. It is used to alleviate angina problems for patients who shall not benefit from medications or a relatively conservative procedure like angioplasty. It is a fact that cardiac procedure such as open heart surgery is a serious and major medical procedure, and where and how it is done is of prime importance to the patient and their family members. The name “heart surgery” itself causes stress for most patients and their families, which is why they want to get the heart surgery done by the best doctors possible. Open Heart Surgery

Obesity Surgery in India

Obesity Surgery in India Unlike minor weight gain that doesn’t allow you to fit into your favorite clothes, obesity is a far bigger problem, literally and figuratively. When an individual has too much body fat that has reached a level of negatively affecting their health, they are deemed obese. A serious medical condition, obesity and it's a more extreme form of morbid obesity have reached epidemic proportions around the world. With lifestyles getting busier and food getting unhealthier, weight problems are unfortunately commonplace today. One alternative to help ease the problem of obesity is surgery and obesity surgery in India is quite popular among medical tourists . one of the extremely popular medical procedures opted for by national and international patients. Obesity People often confuse being overweight with being obese, but these terms have a marked difference. Obesity is a more severe and complex form of weight gain and not just being a few pounds above yo

Cosmetic Surgery in India

Cosmetic Surgery in India- Why popular among medical tourists? Medical tourism is now a worldwide trend and India has firmly found its place on the map. With more and more people looking to find quality medical and surgical procedures done by talented doctors at affordable prices, India has become the epicenter for such practices. A growing number of medical tourists prefer to opt for cosmetic surgery in India and for many good reasons. Besides world-class medical and after-care facilities, availability of cutting edge technology and skilled professionals as well as good prices, the country is also home to medical tourism companies who will look into your every need and make your medical trip to India safe, secure and successful. A good medical tourism company would not only help you find the right surgeon and the hospital for your specific requirement, he would be there to help you whenever you need- they are like friends away from home. Cosmetic Surgery - Basic Facts