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Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery in India

When physiotherapy, medications, and other non-invasive spinal treatments do not alleviate spinal pain and disabilities, spine surgery is the best solution for patients with spinal problems. It is a thing of past that spine surgery was considered to be very risky with long healing times and bed rest.

With advanced technology, spine surgery has been made so precise and minimally invasive, that one can get back to work as early as 1-2 weeks after the surgery in many of the cases. The risks associated with surgery have also decreased considerably.  

It is a well-known fact that India has become the hub of medical tourism and many patients from across the world are coming to India for complex spinal surgery procedures viz Spinal Tumour Surgeries, Discectomy, Laminectomy, Laminoplasty, Disc Replacement, Nucleoplasty, Kyphoplasty, Corpectomy, and Fusion, among many others.

Common Spinal Surgeries performed at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

Cervical Spinal Surgery: Cervical spine dysfunctions can be treated by two procedures, Decompression and Fusion, which are usually performed through the anterior, posterior or combined approach. Decompression with Fusion involves surgical removal of the tissues which get pressed against the spinal cord or the nerves that result in pain or other conditions. Depending on where the tissue is being compressed, the approach of the surgery can differ.

Lumbar Spine Surgery: The most popular procedures performed in Lumbar Spine Surgery are Decompression and Fusion. The Lumbar Decompression procedure relieves the pressure over the nerves by removing the diseased discs. Lumbar Fusion surgery reduces nerve pain and irritation by creating solid bone between the adjoining vertebrae that eliminates any movement between these bones.

Lumbar Spine Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery: One of the most popular spinal surgeries, Spinal Fusion involves placement of a bone graft between two vertebral bodies which causes these two bones to grow together into one long bone. This brings stability to the vertebral segments and eliminating the pain associated with them.


Scoliosis SurgeryScoliosis surgery is recommended when the spinal curve is greater than 40 with signs of progression. The surgery involves fusing the vertebrae along the curve by a bone graft and supporting the fused bones with instrumentation. The surgery has several approaches and all use the advanced instrumentation system of screws and hooks to the spine along with anchor long rods. These rods are then used to hold the spine while the bone graft fuses to the existing bone.


Spinal Tumor Surgery: Surgery is the only treatment option for spinal tumors that have a high risk of nerve damage. During the surgery, microsurgical techniques are used to treat the spinal tumors that distinguish healthy tissues and nerves from the tumor cells thus minimizing the damage to the healthy neural tissue. The surgery is especially used to treat intradural-extramedullary and intramedullary tumors. The surgery can be performed with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Spinal tumour removal surgery

Slipped (Herniated) Disc Surgery: There are various techniques of herniated disc surgery namely Discectomy, Percutaneous discectomy, Laminotomy, and Laminectomy. Discectomy or open discectomy involves removal of herniated disc material which is pressed against the spinal cord or nerve root that resulted in pain and other symptoms. Percutaneous discectomy is usually performed for bulging discs and the discs that have not ruptured into the spinal canal. Laminotomy involves the removal of part of the lamina (thin part of the vertebrae) that relieves the pressure over the nerves while laminectomy involves the removal of the entire lamina.

 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Minimally invasive Spine Surgery is performed through small incisions with the help of endoscopic techniques and instruments which are used to have a clear picture of the internal organs. There are various ways of minimally invasive spine surgery to reduce soft tissue trauma which includes tubular retractor, thoracoscopic access, direct lateral access, rod placements, and percutaneous screw.
Success Rate and Growth of Spine Surgery in India
Although the success rate of spine surgery in India is 96%, certain factors that determine the success of any spine surgery are the medical condition of the patient, age of the patient, experience of the surgeon and type of surgery performed.

Today, all good hospitals in India have modern theatres, trained staff, and good quality instruments. Nowadays, Neuro-monitoring is being increasingly used in deformity corrections in many centres in India. Minimally invasive surgery is also gaining popularity in India. Furthermore, spinal navigation systems, ultrasonic scalpels, and robotics are also available in Indian hospitals. There is also the availability of high-end CT scanners, 3D-formatted CT images, 3T MRI scans, angiography, MR neurography, and tractography at affordable costs.

The spine surgeons in India are highly qualified and experienced in performing complex and major spine surgery. Most of the Indian surgeons are Board certified and trained at best Institutions in developed countries like the US or UK. Moreover, the surgeons are well-supported by experienced anesthetists and intensivists who are well trained in pain management and providing optimum care for the spinal patients.

Spine Surgery Cost in India

The spine surgery cost in India is almost a sixth of the cost of spine surgery in any of the Western countries including the usage of finest quality implants, prosthesis, and consumables.

·       The cervical spine surgery cost in India starts from around USD 5000.
·       The lumbar spine surgery cost in India starts from around USD 4,500.
·       The scoliosis surgery cost in India starts from USD 9,000.
·       The cost of slip disc surgery in India starts from around USD 4000.
·       The cost of spinal fusion surgery in India starts from approx. USD 5,000.

Best Spinal Surgeons in India

Ø Dr. S.K. Rajan, MBBS, MS (Surg), MCh (Neurosurgery), Fellow Spine Surgeon (Cleveland, USA), Spine Surgery Fellowship (UK).

·       Experience of 15+ Years
·       He is one of the most experienced and finest “AO International” Certified Spine Surgeon. He has also the privilege of working with some of the most renowned leaders in the field of spine surgery like Mr. Adrian Casey at London and Prof. Edward Benzel at Cleveland Clinic. He was honored with the ‘AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN SPINE SURGERY’ at the Global Healthcare Excellence Awards at New Delhi.
·       Special Interests: Treatment of various complex spinal disorders including upper back, lower back, open and minimally invasive spine surgeries, treatment for congenital, scoliotic (deformity), degenerative, infective and traumatic problems of the whole spine.

Ø Dr. Yash Gulati, MBBS, MS, MCh (England), Dip Sports Medicine Dublin.

·       Experience of 20+ Years
·       He is an orthopedic surgeon, internationally renowned for his tremendous work in Spine Surgery and Joint Replacement. He is the youngest orthopedic surgeon to have been awarded Padma Shree by the President of India which is the second-highest civilian awards.
·       Special Interests: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Microscope assisted disc surgery, Minimally Invasive Trans Foraminal Inter Body Fusion (MITLIF), Microdiscectomy, etc.

Ø Dr. Hitesh Garg, MBBS, MS (Ortho), Fellowship in Spine Surgery (Yale University, USA), Fellowship in Paediatric Spine (USA)

·       Experience of 20+ Years
·       He is the most dynamic and renowned spine surgeon in India. He has been trained in Spine Surgery at the University of Yale in the USA & following it with one year Spine Surgery fellowship from Philadelphia, USA. He has performed more than 2000 spine surgeries over the last couple of years with amazing success.
·       Special Interests: Spine surgery including discectomy, herniated disc surgery, lower spine surgery, spinal decompression, cervical spine surgery, spinal fusion, spinal deformity correction surgery including scoliosis and kyphosis, spine tumor surgery

Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

Ø Artemis Hospital (JCI, NABH & NABL accredited): Artemis Health Institute, a premium multi-specialty hospital is a healthcare venture, has state of the art facilities and is designed as one of the most advanced hospitals in Asia and is considered as one of the best hospitals in Delhi and India.

Ø Apollo Hospital (JCI & NABH accredited): It is a tertiary care multi-specialty flagship unit that offers cutting edge technology and state of the art facilities for spinal surgeries.

Ø Gleneagles Global Hospital (NABH accredited): The Bengaluru Gleneagles Global Hospitals is a 500 bedded Super Specialty Quaternary Care facility. Global hospitals were the first to perform nucleus replacement in Spine in Asia. Furthermore, the world’s first TB spine surgery was performed in Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Ø Fortis Hospital (JCI, NABL, MTQUA accredited): The hospital is multi-specialty 280 operational bedded with state of the art facilities. It is equipped with the latest technology that also offers all specialties and medical services under one roof. The hospital has more than 800 paramedical staff and 150 consultants serving about 12,000 patients every month.

Ø Wockhardt Hospitals (NABH accredited): It is a tertiary care multi super-specialty hospital offering international standards of care and state of the art facilities. Counted among the best hospitals in Mumbai, it is well known for spine surgeries.

 The Last Word

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