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Gamma Knife Surgery – Procedure, Outcomes and Benefits

Gamma Knife Surgery – Procedure, Outcomes and Benefits

Gamma knife Surgery is the latest technique for treating brain tumors and cancers. Although referred as gamma “knife”, the surgery does not involve any cut or use of the surgical instrument. Contrary to its name, Gamma Knife involves the use of only gamma rays to treat the targeted diseased portions of the brain. The best part of gamma knife surgery is that the radiations are targeted only on the diseased brain tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissues. The surgery is the most widely used radiosurgery in the world.

Principle of Gamma Knife Surgery

The fundamental principle in gamma-knife is selective ionization of the tissue. The high energy beams ionize to produce ions and free radicals that are harmful to the cells. These free ions and radicals damage the DNA, proteins and lipids of harmful cells resulting in their death.  Since there are many nervous tissues for which conventional surgical treatment is inadvisable because it causes damage to the nearby arteries, veins, and nerves, Gamma knife operates by directing these ionized radiations with high precision only on the targeted areas. 

Principles of Gamma Knife Surgery
Principles of Gamma Knife Surgery

Procedure of Gamma Knife Surgery

Once the surgeon has examined the deep seated target tissue based on the results of CT scans, MRI, and angiography, the collimated beams of ionizing radiations are targeted on the diseased tissue. In a single go, as many as 200 beams of gamma radiations are precisely focused on the lesion. The exposure is very brief and only the target tissue receives a precise dosage thus sparing the other healthy brain tissue.

Indications of Gamma – Knife Surgery

The conditions in which Gamma Knife Surgery is indicated are:
·         Trigeminal neuralgia
·         Parkinson’s disease
·         Arteriovenous malformations (AVM)
·         Benign Tumours
·         Malignant Tumours

Outcomes of Gamma Knife Surgery

The outcomes of gamma knife surgery have proven to be more effective than those of the conventional brain surgery in studies conducted all over the world.

It has been found that the success rate of gamma knife for treating specific site tumours is as high as 85-90%. For Arterio-venous malformations, gamma knife is the treatment of choice with a success rate ranging between 80 -90%. 

Benefits of Gamma Knife Surgery

Gamma-knife surgery has many benefits over conventional brain surgery, to name a few:

·         The surgery has minimal risk of causing damage to the surrounding healthy brain tissue.
·         The procedure is less discomforting with operating only on the target diseased brain tissue.
·         Lesser risk of causing hemorrhage and infection because of the absence of incision on the diseased tissue.
·         Quick recovery as compared to a conventional brain surgery.
·         Shorter hospital stay and quick recovery
·         High success rate with even allowing treatment of conditions which were considered inoperable.                                                                                                                 

Why choose India for your Gamma-knife surgery?

India has always been a favorite destination for people from the orient and occident seeking quality medical treatment. The quality of services and the expertise of qualified doctors together make India a destination of choice for people from across the globe for their medical treatment. Gamma-knife surgery requires a lot of dexterity, skill and expertise and is now available at state-of-the-art hospitals in India which not only provide latest technologies but best infrastructure. The medical tourism companies not only plan your travel and treatment in the super-specialty hospitals in India but also take care of your recuperation. What also adds to many advantages for choosing India for your surgery is the cost incurred which is much less than what one pays in countries like the USA, UK or Canada.

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