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Dental Surgery Abroad – Why India for Dental Treatment

Dental Surgery AbroadThere are many things a patient seeks while looking for dental surgery abroad. To name a few, quality services, accreditation of dental surgeons, dental clinics and above all the cost of dental surgery abroad.

Common Indications why people seek Dental Surgery Abroad:
     ·Dental Implantation and use of dental prosthesis      ·Cosmetic Dentistry for enhancing appearance of the teeth.      ·Decayed or Broken Teeth      ·Impacted wisdom teeth      ·Caries removal and root canal treatment

Types of Dental Surgery offered by Best Dental Surgeons in India
 Orthodontics – It involves implants and implant supported prosthesis used to help move teeth and retain muscles affecting the growth of jaws. The braces or appliances help in applying pressure in a specific direction so as to correct the alignment of the jaws. The common orthodontics treatment includes:
·Tooth Extraction – The procedure involves removal of diseased or problematic tooth either by pulling or cutting out.  ·Apiec…

Hospitals in India attracting patients from Africa

Hospitals in India attracting patients from abroad
With an ever increasing number of patients coming from abroad for medical treatment in India, the phenomenon popularly known as medical tourism or medical travel, hospitals in India are also finding ways to attract more and more patients from Nigeria. Patients from Nigeria are constantly looking for best heart hospitals in India, best orthpaedic( orthopedic) hospitals in India, best cancer hospitals in India, best spine surgery hospitals, best brain surgery hospitals in India and best eye hospitals in India for their medical treatment at affordable prices in India. Many of the patients in these countries are aware of the name of the hospitals and thus they sometimes look out for Apollo or Fortis or MIOT in Chennai.
India has always been a favorite destination for patients coming from Nigera, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and many other African countries owing to dearth of advanced medical technology in their country. Doctors in India are …