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Dental Surgery Abroad – Why India for Dental Treatment

Dental Surgery Abroad

There are many things a patient seeks while looking for dental surgery abroad. To name a few, quality services, accreditation of dental surgeons, dental clinics and above all the cost of dental surgery abroad.

Common Indications why people seek Dental Surgery Abroad:

     ·         Dental Implantation and use of dental prosthesis
     ·         Cosmetic Dentistry for enhancing appearance of the teeth.
     ·         Decayed or Broken Teeth
     ·         Impacted wisdom teeth
     ·         Caries removal and root canal treatment

Types of Dental Surgery offered by Best Dental Surgeons in India

 Orthodontics – It involves implants and implant supported prosthesis used to help move teeth and retain muscles affecting the growth of jaws. The braces or appliances help in applying pressure in a specific direction so as to correct the alignment of the jaws. The common orthodontics treatment includes:

·         Tooth Extraction – The procedure involves removal of diseased or problematic tooth either by pulling or cutting out. 
·         Apiectomy – It involves removal of a part of underlying bone structure.
·         Fiberotomy – It involves removal of fibres around a tooth.

Prosthodontics – The procedure involves use of dental prosthetics, the common prosthodontics used are:

·         Crowns – The artificial coverings made of ceramic or porcelain metal composite, commonly called as biocompatible materials.
·         Bridges – The Bridge replaces the missing teeth by a fixed prosthesis in which two or more crowns are connected together.
·         Veneers – The veneers are used for aesthetic purposes and cover the forward surface of the tooth.
·         Dentures – the set of dentition used to attach the neighboring teeth by plastic grasps or adhesives.
·         Dental ImplantsThe procedure involves use of titanium implant in the bone and in 4 – 6 months, the implant is replaced by cement or a screw.

Endodontics – The surgery involves pulp or root of the teeth. It may involve opening of the pulp chamber (Pulpotomy) or removal of the pulp or (Pulpectomy) to relieve pain. If the end of the tooth or apex is involved, it is called Apicoectomy

Cosmetic Dentistry in India on a rise

Dental Surgery is on a rise in India. Some of the main reasons that have lead to an ever increasing demand of cosmetic dentistry in India are - the use of sophisticated equipments, the availability of all sorts of latest techniques with uncompromising quality and low dental treatment prices or cheap dental treatment in India. Another important reason why people opt for cosmetic dental surgery in India is because the dental tourism companies do arrange for last minute dental surgery in India. Even if you are in India for tourism and want to opt for dentistry like lumineers, veneers, affordable implants or fixing broken crowns, there is no waiting time- you can opt for last minute dental surgery in India. 

With the advancement in technology and use of sophisticated equipments in the dental clinics in Delhi, Mumbai, cosmetic dentistry is on a rise in India. People from western countries such as USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries are coming to India to avail of the cheap dental surgery in India.

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