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Affordable Bariatric Surgery in India with Best Surgeons

Best Bariatric specialists & Clinics in India

Traveling abroad for weight loss surgery is a well known phenomenon. Either because the sophisticated technology and equipments required for obesity surgery are not available in many countries or it costs a fortune to get obesity surgery done in other countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. On comparing the prices of any obesity surgery or bariatric surgery in these countries, it would be much cheaper to get the procedure done along with a holiday in India. The proposition thus makes the obesity surgery package a very attractive deal for bariatric surgery in India. 
Fast weight loss with successful bariatric surgery
IndiCure is the leading medical tourism company in India offering plastic surgery holidays to people seeking India as plastic surgery destination. IndiCure has served patients from various countries across the globe with great results. With an increasing demand for people asking for obesity or bariatric surgery in India by our clients, IndiCure has now associated with the best bariatric specialists in India to offer bariatric or obesity surgery at best bariatric clinics in India.

The surgeons IndiCure has associated with are among the best bariatric specialists and have a 100% success and safety record of patients they have operated upon. They have been trained in USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Austria and many countries abroad at best medical schools. They are the pioneers in the field of newer and safer techniques for laparoscopic bariatric procedures and have operated on hundreds of patients from India and abroad for obesity surgery. 

The bariatric clinics in India or obesity surgery facilities ­ where these best bariatric surgeons operate have the sophisticated technology and equipment for complete patient’s safety. IndiCure conducts a rigorous check on the facilities and surgeons before we recommend so that we are sure about the quality of services and results offered to our clients. The procedures done are laparoscopically and are thus minimally invasive. A battery of pre operative tests is performed before any anesthesia is given or surgery is performed so that nothing is left to chance. You can expect to return to work within 10 days to two weeks after the obesity surgery in India. 

The deals on weight loss surgery are also great. The costs offered by IndiCure include your stay at the best bariatric surgery hospital in India for 3-4 days, surgery, surgeon’s fees, lap band, anesthesia and medicines. It also includes all pre operative investigations, airport and all inland transfers. 

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