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Looking for best place for plastic surgery in India?

Best place for plastic surgery

Now that you have decided that you want to get plastic surgery in India, the question on the top of your mind is which is the best place for plastic surgery in India? India is a big country and you have options galore and it is difficult for you to decide which surgeon or facility or place is YOUR best place for plastic surgery in India.  

Having served more than 500 plastic surgery patients in last three years, we have earned the experience and thus can help you to choose the best place for plastic surgery in India for your specific requirements. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind before you decide where you get the plastic surgery in India.

  • - Since you are coming to India for plastic surgery, who would be your surgeon is the most important decision. The results of your surgery are dependent on your surgeon and his skills.  Look into the surgeon’s profile, is he board certified, does he have international exposure, how many cases like  your has he done in the past and ask for references. Any good surgeon and medical tourism company should be able to give ample references. You can get in touch with the patients that the surgeon has operated upon in the past about their experience of getting surgery. For a procedure like plastic surgery, your comfort level with the surgeon should be high for you to be able to explain your expectations in detail. You can ask your company for the telephone number of the doctor so that you can talk to him and get the comfort level. 

  •  - When you compare the quotes given to you by different surgeons or by different medical tourism companies, compare the quotes carefully. Ask for inclusions and exclusions and what can be the extra expenditure beyond what is quoted to you. Ask clearly if taxes are included, if compression garment is included, whether follow up appointments and inland transfers are part of the package or not. 

  •  - When you compare the costs, ask your company as to where would the surgery be performed? Is it a clinic, or a hospital? How big is the facility? It is important to know because the cost of the surgery varies with the type of facility where the surgery shall be performed. Cost of procedure in a big facility is a higher than in a small clinic and so the level of care.

  •  - Though cost is an important factor, it should not be the only deciding factor for your plastic surgery in India. A botched up surgery may cost you much more later. 

  • - Ask your medical tourism company what all facilities would be there in the room where you would stay after the surgery. Whether you would get a private room or a twin sharing? It is important for you as you would like to feel comfortable during recovery. If you are traveling alone, you should know if there would be a locker where you can keep your valuables, if not, where would the valuables be kept and who shall take care of them when you undergo the surgery. 

  •  - Ask clearly what would be the mode of payment, whether cards are accepted, if yes, which cards are accepted, and when are you supposed to make the payment. You should be prepared how much cash to carry. There are restrictions how much cash you can carry to India and limit of currency conversion. These things should not come as surprise when you reach here. Any good medical tourism company in India should be able to guide such things before you embark on your journey for plastic surgery in India. 

  • - It is important to know beforehand in which city your procedure would be performed. Whether or not there is an international airport or you would have to make other arrangements to reach there. You may be exhausted on reaching and waiting to reach your destination or traveling to another city may not always be exciting. 

  • - Always ask and clarify how long you would need to stay in the country after you are released from the hospital. It is not a good idea to quickly return or fly long hours after a major procedure as it is not safe. Who would make arrangements after you are released from the hospital? How far would it be, what amenities does it have, are there malls or stores nearby or places of tourist interest which you can visit if you feel like. 

These are small things but very important part of your medical sojourn. These can make or mar your whole experience of getting the plastic surgery in India. Talk to the people in company you plan to go ahead for your plastic surgery in India to understand how professional they are and how helpful they can be after you sign with them. It is an important decision of your life and you should not be greeted with surprises. So, when you are looking for best place for plastic surgery in India, make a checklist of few important things and then make an informed decision accordingly.