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Triple Bypass Heart Surgery in India– Important Things to know

What is triple bypass heart surgery?

Though it may sound like a completely different heart surgery, triple bypass heart surgery is a type of open-heart bypass surgery only. It is called triple bypass because the number of grafts done in this procedure is three. It is important to understand CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) or heart bypass surgery first, to understand what triple heart bypass surgery is.

The arteries that supply blood to the heart for its functioning are called Coronary arteries. Any block in the coronary artery may lead to the disruption in the normal working (pumping of blood to the body) of the heart and lead to a heart attack.  The blockage in the coronary arteries is referred to as coronary artery disease and if it is severe, the blood flow to the heart can be completely stopped which can be fatal. 

Before and After Heart Bypass Surgery
This blockage can be treated by medicine alone if the blockage is small, but if the blockage is severe, one would require a heart bypass surgery or a CABG( Coronary Artery Bypass Graft). During a heart bypass or CABG, a blood vessel is taken from some other part of the body, usually leg, and grafted on the existing coronary artery before and after the blockage so that the blood goes through that new route instead of the blocked passage thereby bypassing the blocked coronary artery area. 

It is usually the number of blocks that determine the number of grafts to be used. If two blocks, it is called double bypass, if three- it is called triple artery bypass, if four, quadruple bypass. 

Triple Heart Bypass surgery procedure 

The procedure is the same as CABG- the surgery is done under general anesthesia and would take about 5-6 hours. You shall be observed in an Intensive Care Unit for 24-48 hours after the surgery. You would then be staying at the hospital for another 5-6 day to see you are progressing well. 

Triple heart bypass- is it riskier than CABG

Though this surgery definitely requires more time and thus more anesthesia, it cannot be really said that it is more or less risky that single heart bypass surgery. There are various parameters on which risk is to be judged. A patient with a one heart bypass graft can be at more risk than another patient who would require three bypass grafts. 

Your cardiac surgeon can only tell you how risky the surgery is for you based on your medical reports and physical condition and how useful would the surgery be for you. 

Best heart hospital in India for Triple Heart Bypass 

India is among the best destinations for heart surgery. The heart hospitals in India offer the latest technology and expertise available anywhere in the world. The best heart hospitals in India are JCI accredited, which means the standard and quality of care is at par with the best hospitals in the US. The heart surgeons in India are among the best cardiac surgeons in India and have been trained in India and abroad and have the experience and skill to perform even the most complicated heart surgery with great dexterity. 

Cost of Triple Heart Bypass in India 

The cost of triple heart bypass surgery in India is a fraction of what one would pay in the western country. A quick comparison shows that whereas a triple heart bypass surgery in the US costs $ 40,000 to $60,000 in UK £ 20,000, in India it costs only $ 8000 or £ 5000. It is thus much advantageous to come to India for heart surgery. 

Increasing medical tourism for heart surgery in India

Because of the many advantages that India offers, there are thousands of medical tourists coming to India for heart surgery. There are many countries where complex or complicated heart surgery like a triple heart bypass or quadruple heart bypass are not available, India is the most favorite destination for such people. 

The best part is the doctors and nurses in India all speak English.  English is now the second language of the country. If you are coming from Russia, Iran or Iraq and do not know English well, there are Russian, Persian and Arabic translators available to help. Language is never a problem- there are translators available for most of the languages for your convenience. 

If you have been advised to get a triple heart bypass done or a heart surgery procedure which is either not available in your country or is too expensive, you can get the surgery done at few of the best heart hospitals in India. You can write to a medical tourism company which can arrange for your heart surgery at best heart hospitals in India. Few good medical tourism companies have negotiated rates with these heart hospitals and are thus able to offer triple heart bypass graft at affordable prices in India.

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