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Brain tumour Surgery in India

Brain tumour Surgery

A brain tumour is still a dreaded disease. If your loved one is detected with a brain tumour, it is very natural for you to get upset and look for the best hospital for brain tumour surgery in your country. It is also natural for you to become more concerned if the most advanced facility for brain tumour surgery is not available near you or you have to travel abroad like to India for best hospital for the brain tumour in India. 

Many people from countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Sudan and other African countries travel abroad to India for best hospitals for brain tumour surgery. Many patients from countries in the middle east like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and many from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other countries come to India for affordable brain tumour surgery. The advantage of coming to India for them lies in the fact that the cost of brain tumour or even brain cancer surgery in India is much less as compared to what one would  pay in countries like the UK, the USA for such brain cancer surgery. 

It is important to know here that not all type of brain tumours are malignant or are brain cancers. Many of the tumours are benign or non-cancerous in nature. There are various forms of brain tumors which include hemanigioma, meningioma, frontal lobe brain tumor, Glioblastoma which can be successfully treated. So, once those tumours are removed, the patient can lead a good life.

Latest technology for brain surgery in India

Best hospitals in India for brain tumour surgery now have the latest and most promising technology to enable neurosurgeons to perform brain surgery with a lot of precision. Stereotactic radiosurgery helps in precisely locating where the lesion is. The latest techniques using stereotactic radiosurgery for locating brain tumor works on a very powerful computer system and thus helps the surgeon in planning each step of the procedure and to calculate the ideal access to treat the brain tumour resulting in the highest success rates for brain tumour and brain cancer surgery in India. 

Functional image- guidance is also being used for stereotactic radiosurgery to treat brain tumors and brain cancer.

Advantages of Advanced Brain tumour and Brain Cancer Surgery over Conventional surgery

There are tumours that the surgeon may not be able to visualize properly without the high-grade technology that is now available in these best neurosurgery hospitals in India. In conventional surgery, the risk runs high that the surgeon may miss a part of the tumor which would result in regrowth of the tumor and other neurological problems. 

Latest operating theater for brain surgery
Modern Operating Theater
The various advantages of the advanced brain tumour surgery are many. To name a few - the surgeon can plan the surgery properly, there are less or nil chances of missing the tumour and lesser chances of removing the normal brain tissue, resulting in much better accuracy and very high success rate for brain surgery in India. 

The downtime for the patient is less that means lesser days of stay at the hospital and thus early recovery and early going back to work. 

Option for minimal access surgery, gamma knife radiosurgery, minimally invasive brain surgery, cyberknife etc are available at theses brain surgery hospitals in India. 

Cost of brain tumour surgery in India

The cost of brain tumour and brain cancer surgery in India is much less as compared to what one would pay for the surgery in USA or UK. Whereas the cost brain tumor surgery in the United States is USD 20-30,000, the cost of brain tumor surgery in India is $8-9000 with the latest technology. The surgeons are board certified and are well trained. The brain surgery hospitals in India are among the best brain surgery hospitals in the world and offer great care and services. 

If you or your loved one is looking for brain tumour or brain cancer surgery treatment at affordable prices abroad or you are looking for best hospitals for brain tumour surgery in India or best neurosurgeons in India, you can write to us at or call us at +91 9818462127 or +91 9320036777 for further inquiries.