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The economics of mommy makeover plastic surgery abroad

Mommy makeover plastic surgery abroad

Plastic surgery abroad or Medical tourism has gained much attention over the last few years. From both sides- those who recommend traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery and those who condemn it. Those who recommend plastic surgery abroad recommend it in favor of economics involved in cosmetic surgery overseas, while those who oppose do it for reasons as risks involved in getting a plastic surgery done overseas. 

Whatever be the pros and cons of getting the cosmetic makeover abroad, the market is steadily increasing. And one of the most popular destinations among medical tourists for cosmetic surgery is India. The expertise and skill of Indian surgeons is well known all over world. There are about 60,000 Indian doctors practicing in UK and more than 30% of doctors in NHS are Indians. 

Here in India, most of the doctors are either American Board certified surgeons or have done their fellowship in UK and have many years of experience in the field of plastic surgery. It is highly probable that you may get you cosmetic surgery done by one of the Indian doctors in United Kingdom itself for price much more than getting it done in India. 

Other advantage of getting cosmetic surgery abroad is definitely the confidentiality. While people around you would come to know that you have undergone a cosmetic surgery when you get it done locally in the England, you would surely have the privilege of confidentiality when you get plastic surgery abroad.
India also is known as one of the top destinations to visit according to Conde Naste. The Indian culture, colors and vivacity all have attracted tourists for ages. 

Happy young mom in perfect body shape
Happy young moms open to plastic surgery to regain pre-pregnancy shape
While mommy makeover prices in India are surely much less as compared to mommy makeover prices in London or mommy makeover prices in Bedfordshire, or any other county in United Kingdom, we look deeply into the economics of mommy makeover surgery in India.

It surely makes more economic sense if you combine procedures when you travel abroad for cosmetic surgery. E.g if the cost of a tummy tuck in London is £ 7000 and in India £ 1900, add airfare, hotel stay and other miscellaneous expenses, the savings is £4000. On adding procedures such as breast reduction or breast lift with tummy tuck, the total price in US is £ 12000, while the cost of tummy tuck and breast reduction in India is £ 3200. Add airfare and stay and your savings come to   £ 8000. Similarly if you combine procedures, you increase your savings considerably while getting the advantage of a full makeover cosmetic surgery abroad. 

It is though very important to note that it is not safe to combine many procedures together and our surgeons are very careful in doing so. You safety and the results of the surgery is of utmost importance to us and our surgeons would only perform that many procedures which can be done without jeopardizing your health. To cover the economical aspect of mommy makeover in India, procedures can be broken down and can be done in 2 or 3 sitting so that it is safe, you get the best results and makes economic sense for you to get the plastic surgery abroad.