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Looking For Cheapest destination for Mommy Makeover Abroad?

Cheapest destination for Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Abroad

The increasing search on the internet on “What is the average cost of mommy makeover” “cost of mommy makeover in Dallas” or “cost of mommy makeover in Denver” or “the best place for cheap mommy makeover surgery abroad”, “is it safe to get mommy makeover surgery abroad”, clearly shows that the demand for multiple plastic surgery procedures is on a rise. The previous blog talks about the economic sense to get multiple plastic surgery procedures (within the safe limit) as it involves more cost savings than getting the individual procedures done.
Happy young mom
Mommy makeover for young moms

Whatever critics of medical tourism or cosmetic surgery abroad have to say, the demand for cheap plastic surgery abroad is on a rise and people do look out for the “cheapest destination for plastic surgery abroad”. Though there are many at the same time who condemn plastic surgery abroad and keep talking about the botched up surgeries and plastic surgery gone wrong.

But the fact remains that the number of people who have benefitted from cosmetic surgery abroad is much more than the number of people whose surgery have gone wrong. People do find value in travelling abroad for medical treatment and cosmetic surgery procedures and thus do so. Surveys conducted by many companies suggest that it is not only the cost, but various factors combined together which influence a person’s decision to travel to a foreign country for cosmetic surgery.

Many important factors are skill and qualification of the surgeon, quality of services and treatment and confidentiality. Nobody would like to get a botched up plastic surgery done at the cost of saving a few hundred dollars and spend the rest of their life and money in correcting that surgery.

Keeping in view all the above factors that determine one’s decision to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery, India has become one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery especially if you are looking for multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Skill and experience of Indian surgeons is well known, you may happen to get operated upon by one of the Indian surgeons in the United States, as the number of Indian surgeons in US is more than 20% of all International Medical Graduates employed in the US workforce, as suggested by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Quality of care and services are excellent, there is no language problem, and people speak fluent English. The culture of India has always been an attraction among foreigners.

Mommy makeover in India 

Mommy makeover is one such popular cosmetic surgery procedure which is quite popular among Americans. A mommy makeover surgery usually involves breast surgery- breast reduction or breast augmentation or breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction etc. Although the surgery comprises of many cosmetic surgery procedures, yet there are many factors determining the procedures chosen. For instance, in cases where breast lacks fullness, breast augmentation is required and if the nipples point downward, breast lift may be done along with breast augmentation. Likewise, depending upon the body stature, a mini tummy tuck or a complete abdominoplasty may be done during a mommy makeover.

IndiCure brings special mommy makeover packages at discounted rates in association with best plastic surgeons in India. The packages offered by IndiCure are not only comprehensive but are customized as per the unique needs of women of different age, weight and height. The package offers entail pre-operative surgery charges, hospital fees, accommodation, and all transfers to / from the hospital and airport / hotel among many other benefits. For more information about mommy makeover in India, write to – or call on +919818462127 or +919320036777.