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Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift– Affordable Mommy Makeover Packages

Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift With the rising trend of undergoing multiple plastic surgeries at once, more and more women are opting for combined cosmetic surgery procedures. Especially post pregnancy, mommy makeover plastic surgery helps one reverse the effects of pregnancy and aging.  Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that women are opting now-a-days to get back in shape.  Breast lift and Tummy Tuck plastic surgeries together provide symmetry to the upper body and re-contour breasts and tummy. Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift thus help a woman get back her lost self esteem owing to the seemingly irreversible changes after child birth or aging. Tummy Tuck  tightens the loose abdominal muscles and removes hanging skin owing to pregnancy. The surgery makes stomach more firm and flatter thus giving more youthful body contours. It also tightens weak and loose abdominal muscles and removes scars and stretch marks. Tummy tuck, commonly known as ab

Mommy Makeover Specials

Mommy Makeover Specials "Mommy makeover is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Know about pros and cons of undergoing multiple cosmetic surgery procedures at once and why cost is an important factor while considering  plastic surgery overseas" Mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures to reverse the effects of pregnancy on women. The comprehensive mommy makeover package entails multiple cosmetic surgery procedures such as – Liposuction , Tummy tuck , Body lift, Breast Augmentation / Breast Reduction / Breast Lift , Facial rejuvenation , Vaginoplasty / Labioplasty . Depending upon the individual needs, women opt for combined multiple cosmetic surgeries such as breast lift with augmentation or Tummy tuck and liposuction or Breast lift with Tummy Tuck etc. Happy young mom  Although there are some pros and cons associated with undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries, yet there has been a significant rise in women undergoing

Latest in Gastric Bypass - "Seamguard" for Better Results

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery  Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the most commonly performed  Weight loss surgery . The procedure is highly effective in  providing long-term, consistent weight loss.  But since the procedure is a major surgery & has its share of risks & complications involved as with all major surgeries, researchers & doctors have been constantly looking for techniques to improve the outcome of the surgery.  Bio absorbable seam guards  are the latest technology that can highly improve the outcome of the procedure. Research has shown that the seam guard helps in  significant reduction in post operative gastrojejunal stricture formation & also prevents anastomotic bleeding and leak to a large extent. In a  Gastric bypass surgery  or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is made smaller by creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach using surgical staples or a plastic band. The smaller stomach is connected directly to the middle portio

Cosmetic Surgery – Am I a Good Candidate?

Cosmetic Surgery – Am I a Good Candidate? Cosmetic Surgery is getting popular among men and women from all walks of life. Be it young, old, rich and famous or not so wealthy, everyone wants to look good and attractive in today’s world. Be it facial procedures or weight loss or other body procedures, cosmetic surgery has become a means whereby people are getting the looks or body shape that they yearn for. It is most often seen that people opt for cosmetic surgery procedures on hearsay but it is always advisable to ask yourself if you are a good candidate for undergoing cosmetic surgery. The first step is to ask yourself why you want to undergo the cosmetic make-over. What do you want to achieve from the surgery? Do you often feel self-conscious about your appearance, does your appearance hinder yourself from wearing clothes, wearing a make-up or going to places or doing activities which you feel you would have enjoyed doing otherwise. Would you like to do i

Facial Plastic Surgery in India

Facial Plastic Surgery in India They say that the face tells the story of your life and for most people nowadays it reflects a sorry tale owing to the mounting stress in day to day life. Apart from age related wear and tear, our faces also reflect many of our dietary and lifestyle choices that show up in unwanted signs like excessive wrinkles, saggy cheeks, droopy eye bags and the like. Also people are also getting increasingly aware of their looks and are more interested in anti-aging and corrective facial plastic surgery, thanks to the increasing accessibility to the surgical facilities and more affordable procedures in countries like India. Reflections of plastic surgery can be seen right from ancient times where attempts to repair injuries and the like were made; but of course this was a far cry from the cutting edge and highly specialized facial cosmetic surgery you can avail of today. Whether you want to correct an age related issue, repair the damage due to an i

Affordable Brazilian Butt Lift in India- Shape Yourself!

Affordable Brazilian Butt Lift surgery The perception of beauty and belief about what the ideal body and silhouette are is forever changing and evolving. In the past few years, there has been a shift in the attitude of people worldwide with the preference for a shapely and curvy body on the rise. One of the body parts that women often pay attention to is their buttocks. The craze for having a well rounded and lush backside has been cemented and made hugely popular by celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, known for their considerable curves. It is no surprise then that new procedures like the Brazilian buttock augmentation and butt implants have become so hugely popular. Cosmetic surgeons around the world are seeing an increasing preference among woman turning to surgical help to procure a shapely backside that they have not genetically and or biologically been gifted with. If you are fed up of your flat derrière and targeted exercises have not really help

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost?

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost? Mommy makeover is a set of plastic surgery procedures done to reverse the post pregnancy effects on women. It has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures owing to the combination of comprehensive cosmetic surgeries, such as: ·          Liposuction ·          Tummy tuck ·          Breast lift/   Augmentation / Reduction ·          Facial rejuvenation ·          Vaiginoplasty/ Labioplasty The most important question that comes to the mind before considering a whole body makeover is - How much does a mommy makeover cost? The cost of  mommy makeover depends upon the procedures chosen as per the unique requirements of women. For instance, the cost of mommy makeover would vary if tummy tuck and breast augmentation are done together and the cost would further go up if multiple cosmetic surgeries are done such as liposuction, body lift, facial rejuvenation etc. Owing to the rising prices of mommy makeover

Ancient To Contemporary-Glimpse of Plastic Surgery In India

A Glimpse Into Plastic Surgery In India India is known for many a varied thing, from its fascinating and diverse cultural ethos, the beautiful people, the revered academia and more. There’s one little known fact that is extremely interesting i.e. the roots of plastic surgery are said to have originated in ancient India. Although plastic surgery in India is nowadays a popular option for international visitors, the fact that the many modern practices in cosmetic surgery we marvel at today, seem to originate from ancient Indian practices, is often overlooked.  It is believed that plastic surgery was carried out as far as 800 BC in India and was more in terms of reconstructive surgery. Also, the first documented record of such surgery has been found in ancient Indian texts and in Ayurvedic tenets. Sushruta, a revered surgeon near Varanasi India is said to have conducted reconstructive surgeries on the nose and other medical procedures way ahead of their times in the 6th century

Breast Reduction Surgery in India

Breast Reduction Surgery in India Physical attractiveness holds different connotations for everyone. Every woman has her own ideal form of beauty and attractiveness that stems from how she views her own and other people’s bodies. One of the main areas that women regard extremely important is breasts, and often find that they want to make changes for either aesthetic or comfort purposes. While breast lifts and augmentations have been popular for a while now, another cosmetic procedure that is gaining immense popularity is breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery is the procedure of choice for women who are not happy with the size of their breasts, not just because of the appearance but also the physical and emotional toll it can have. Physically having too large or pendulous breasts can lead to a host of problems like chronic back ache, shoulder and neck pain and even headaches. Sometimes it is also more difficult to detect lumps and masses for cancer screenings when th

Enhancing Your Appearance With Eye Bag Surgery Abroad in India

Eye Bag Surgery Abroad in India The face is the first thing one notices about you and it is the medium by which you communicate, express emote and literally and figuratively face whatever and whomever you encounter on a day to day basis. They say the eyes are considered the ‘window to the soul’ and whether you believe that adage or not, the eyes are definitely a feature most people consider attractive in themselves and seek out on others as well. It is no surprise that many people aspire to undergo facial surgery related to the eyes area like eye bag surgery or eye bag removal surgery, in order to spruce up their appearance. The effects of a busy lifestyle and lack of enough sleep often shows up on your face. And sometimes even with sufficient sleep or rest, your eyes can look droopy and tired. Constantly looking like you are tired and run down can definitely take a toll on your self esteem and make you feel even more lack-luster. Fat deposits, excess skin and loose muscles on

Breast Augmentation Abroad in India

Breasts are considered a symbol of femininity and womanhood, and that is why often women are bothered about their breasts and have an image that they imagine to be the ideal. A lot of women today are not happy with a smaller or flatter chest and have decided to take a step toward correcting the issue. Fortunately thanks to modern medicine, breast augmentation surgery or breast implant surgery is a viable option for women around the world. Today, since everyone wants to find super skilled and safe surgery destinations at prices more reasonable than their home countries for procedures like breast augmentation, India has become a new hotspot for such cosmetic surgery procedures.  Did you know that according to a study in 2010  done by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, over 3,18,123 women had breast augmentation surgery in that year, and the numbers have been constantly increasing. There is no stigma attached to breast surgery nowadays, since many women are tak

A Brief Look At Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad in India

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad in India Breast enlargement and over developed breasts in men is quite a common condition of many age groups with an incidence of approximately 40%. But this problem can be fairly corrected with male breast reduction surgery, also known Gynecomastia. When enlarged breasts are a cause of self consciousness and / or discomfort, male breast reduction or man boobs correction surgery is the best option if you are a good candidate for it. Although the exact cause of over developed or enlarged breasts in men is not known, the condition can be instigated with issues like obesity, use of certain drugs and use of alcohol and marijuana or sometimes just a basic physical flaw in some men. Liposuction in conjunction with gynecomasty (breast reduction surgery) a surgical procedure, is often used to correct this problem. If you or someone you know is not comfortable either mentally, emotionally or physically due to this problem,     male breast reduction  

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job In India

Nose Job In India Your face is the first thing people notice about you and something that we notice in the mirror every single day and therefore, it is no wonder that cosmetic surgery for the face and neck area are some of the most popular procedures we see today. Our faces are the gateway to how we communicate and also largely how we feel about ourselves. One aspect of the appearance that bothers many people is their nose, a part that can radically alter one’s entire face when changed.  Nose Job A nose job / nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is a procedure used to correct or alter the size, shape or both, of a nose. Since even a slight change can make a marked difference to your appearance, it’s quite common to see people opting for rhinoplasty surgery these days. It can reshape, resize and help change certain characteristics that you are not comfortable with- like having a bulbous, large, too long, too narrow nose and the like. It can also be crafted to suit the dimensio

Tummy Tuck Cost & Benefits

Tummy Tuck Cost & Benefits One body part, almost everybody would unanimously agree that they want to change or improve is the abdomen. To have a toned flat abdomen is one thing both men and women dream of achieving when they push themselves through grueling sessions in the gym and intense dieting! However, when you have lost all the weight you possibly can from work-outs or dietary control and still cannot shake off the flab from your midsection a tummy tuck is an option to consider. Finding out detailed information about the procedure as well as tummy tuck cost, benefits and effects is essential.  An Abdominoplasty  or tummy tuck as it called, essentially helps you get rid of the excess fat deposits as well as excess skin in the abdominal area. Different causes like pregnancy and childbirth, age related weight gain, obesity and the like, usually contribute to the situation. You may have a bulging tummy or maybe even loose abdominal muscles that protrude and hang over and

Liposuction Abroad In India - Procedure and Costs

Liposuction Abroad In India With new scientific and medical breakthroughs, the human body can be shaped and moulded to a great degree nowadays. Liposuction is one such surgical procedure that allows you to improve the look of your body to make it more aesthetic and proportionate, when exercise and diet have failed. With top surgeons experienced in the field of cosmetic surgery and world class amenities, many patients from around the world are now traveling abroad to avail of liposuction in India. Many a medical tourist from USA, UK, Canada,Australia, New Zealand and many European countries are traveling overseas for high quality and affordable liposuction in India. Liposuction should not be confused with weight loss or obesity surgery; it is not a solution if you are looking to reduce a massive amount of weight for whatever reasons. However, it is a good option to reduce or get rid of those problem areas that stubbornly hold on to the fat, irrespective of your size, dietary modi