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Breast Augmentation – What you should know about Breast Implants surgery

Things to know about Breast Augmentation Implants surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular surgery among women across the world. There are many a questions in your mind which you want to get answered before deciding to go ahead with the cosmetic surgery. We have compiled a set of few frequently asked questions about breast augmentation by our clients.

Breast augmentation is the plastic surgery to enhance the size and shape of the breast. The breast augmentation plastic surgery is also known as breast implant surgery as breasts are usually enhanced by inserting implants under the breast tissue. 

  • My breasts are hanging and look empty after breast feeding. Would breast augmentation take care of that?
Breast lift is usually the right procedure to uplift the hanging breasts. Nonetheless, even the implants also uplift the breasts to a certain extent by filling the upper pole of the breasts. The plastic surgeon can help you decide the right procedure for you- whether the breast lift or breast lift with augmentation or only breast augmentation would help you get the desired results after taking a look at your pictures or physically examining you.

Yes, the breast implant surgery can help you correct the unequal size in both the breasts by inserting implants of different sizes. 

  • Would breast augmentation correct the asymmetry in the location of my nipple and areola? 
No, breast augmentation surgery does not correct asymmetry in the location of nipple and areola- you would need nipple areola correction surgery for that. 

Yes, breast implants do not interfere with milk production or secretion. They would in no way affect your ability to breast feed your baby. 

  • What is an Implant? How does a breast implant feel?
A breast implant is a soft shell or a rubber sac that is filled with silicone gel or saline (salt-water). The feel of the implant is very natural and close to the feel of the normal breast tissue. Breast implants are available in several different sizes to accommodate different patient's needs and surgeon's preference. The surface texture of the implant can be smooth or contoured. 

  • Are the Breast Implants Safe?
Yes, the breast implants are completely safe. Many worldwide studies have shown that there has no incidence of any increased illness or systemic diseases caused by saline or gel implants.
  • Which implants are better for me- silicone or saline? 
Saline Implants 
Silicone Implants
Silicone Implants 
Silicone implants are used by the surgeons worldwide after they got a clearance from FDA. Silicone implants have many advantages over saline implants. 

    1. They have a very natural consistency and thus provide a more natural feel. 
    2. They give a cohesive feeling. Cohesive means that it tends to remain whole. This means that even if the shell were to rupture, its content would not spill out. It would remain whole without any divisions. In the past, its content used to leak through the micropores of the shell and caused capsular contractures. Nowadays, these leakages have been almost completely reduced thanks to the cohesive properties of the content and to the new shells made of several superimposed layers.
    3. They do not lose their volume as time goes by.
    4. They do not make 'liquid' sounds during physical activities. 

  • What in case I get hurt and the shell gets ruptured? Would silicon harm me? 
The new latest age implants are made of several superimposed layers. There bleak chances that there would be a leak. In the rare case, if does, a surgeon can easily replace the implants. 

  • Where the incision for breast implant surgery would be made? Does the surgery leave scars on the breast?
The incision is made at any of the following places depending on your preference and the surgeon’s comfort and recommendation. 

  1. Areola - with this method, the surgeon makes the incision around the bottom half of the areola.
  2. Transaxillary or "transax" - this incision is placed in the armpit. 
  3. Inframmary - also known as a "crease incision". A small incision is made in the crease of the breast.
Scars- The advanced surgical techniques and the skill of the surgeon minimize all visible scarring, which shall be few mm and will become completely invisible in no time. 

  • I do not want a scar on my breast. Can you put the implant through my belly button?
The implants that are put through the belly button are Saline filled implants, not gel-filled or silicon filled implants. These saline implants are in a flat deflated shape, they are rolled up and then slipped through the tunnel created from the belly button to the chest wall. There they are spread out and then inflated with saline to the volume desired through a long tube with a one-way valve which is then disconnected and pulled out. Practically no one uses saline implants today. Gel implants were banned by the US FDA for 2 decades. Everywhere else in the whole world, surgeons continued to use gel implants for their happy patients while the US patients unfortunately had to make do with saline implants. Finally in the early 2000s, the US FDA allowed even US surgeons to use gel implants on their patients. 

Cohesive gel implants are the gold standard in breast augmentation- feel, shape and contour, durability, complications.... all these are way superior with gel implants. 

There is no way that gel implants, which are manufactured ready for placement can be put through a belly-button incision. 

The cut and scar that on the breast is entirely under the breast and would be only 4 cm in length. Through such a small access, the cohesive gel implant of the necessary size can be easily inserted to give fullness to the breasts. 

  • Can the implants be inserted through an areola incision?
The implants can be inserted through an incision on the areola if the areola nipple complex is large enough to do so. Also, the following points have to be kept in mind by the patient while choosing the incision on the areola complex.
    1. Going through the areola means partially cutting through breast tissue to reach the plane under the breast. It is generally not preferred if there is a choice.
    2. The incision usually used when doing this approach is called a Multiple-W incision or zig-zag incision or a "lightning sign" incision. The advantage is that it stretches out to become larger than a linear or simple curved incision because the zig-zag allows it.... this creates a large enough portal to slip in the implant without damaging it.

  • I am a black lady. Would the scar through areola be more visible in my case?
In a dark-skinned individual, a scar remains lighter before it matures (just like in a light skinned individual, it is dark and then fades). So this scar on the areola will be seen on the surface as a lighter zig-zag mark, as compared to the color of the areola till it matures (3-6 months, sometimes upto a year). After that, it will fade off.

  • Will I experience pain during or after the surgery? 
The procedure shall be done under anesthesia, so there would be no pain during the procedure. Many women experience some tenderness (rather than actual pain) following breast enlargement surgery and take pain relief for up to one week afterwards.

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