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Ancient To Contemporary-Glimpse of Plastic Surgery In India

A Glimpse Into Plastic Surgery In India

India is known for many a varied thing, from its fascinating and diverse cultural ethos, the beautiful people, the revered academia and more. There’s one little known fact that is extremely interesting i.e. the roots of plastic surgery are said to have originated in ancient India. Although plastic surgery in India is nowadays a popular option for international visitors, the fact that the many modern practices in cosmetic surgery we marvel at today, seem to originate from ancient Indian practices, is often overlooked. 

It is believed that plastic surgery was carried out as far as 800 BC in India and was more in terms of reconstructive surgery. Also, the first documented record of such surgery has been found in ancient Indian texts and in Ayurvedic tenets. Sushruta, a revered surgeon near Varanasi India is said to have conducted reconstructive surgeries on the nose and other medical procedures way ahead of their times in the 6th century BC. His breakthrough methods like stitching skin flaps and grafting on either side of the nose, taken from other parts like the cheeks and forehead, is still admired. Known as the possible one of the earliest texts about plastic surgery, the ‘Sushruta Samhita’ book is still in use as a guide and reference text in contemporary surgery today. It also contains information on procedures like skin grafting, earlobe repair and hundreds of other surgical procedures apart from rhinoplasty. 

Plastic surgery in India definitely has ancient and historic roots, but the country is also considered as one of the most top contenders among patients today, thanks to the great contemporary practices and services. People who have decided to opt for plastic or cosmetic surgery often make the trip to the country because of the world class facilities offered here today for prices that are far more affordable than in many others parts of the world. India is home to a new breed of extremely talented doctors and medical professionals, top notch medical centers and hospitals, high-tech methods and medical technologies, and even innovative and professional medical tourism companies who will plan your entire trip from A to Z. 

When opting for a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure, however minor or major, safety and quality is of prime importance. Because of the great reputation of surgeons as well as the medical centers in the country, deciding on whether to opt for plastic surgery in India, is now an easy choice. And with medical service packages that offer everything from consulting sessions, bookings for everything from your travel to India and for your surgical procedures, assistance within the country, on call nurses, etc., you will be well taken care of, with everything you need to recuperate.

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