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Mommy Makeover Abroad – Know about mommy makeover, costs and Yummy Mummy packages in India

Mommy Makeover Abroad 

Owing to pregnancy, many physiological changes occur such as – sagging of breasts, weight gain, excess deposition of fat on tummy, hips, buttocks, thighs & arms, stretch marks and loosened vaginal muscles. Mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures performed to reverse the effects of pregnancy or child birth on women. 

Mommy Makeover plastic surgery can comprises of following cosmetic surgery procedures:

·         Liposuction
·         Tummy tuck
·         Body lift
·         Breast Augmentation/ Breast Reduction/ Breast lift/ Breast Augmentation with lift
·         Facial rejuvenation
·         Vaginoplasty/ Labioplasty/

Women who have finished pregnancy and have reached stable weight are ideal candidates for mommy makeover. Mommy makeover has gained much popularity owing to the multiple benefits of combined plastic surgeries.  Undergoing mommy makeover after 40 has become a trend among many a woman in western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, New Zealand and many other European countries.

Although there is rise in the demand of mommy makeover across the world, yet the high prices of plastic surgery have lead many a women look for cheap plastic surgery abroad. Women are traveling overseas to India for high quality yet affordable cosmetic surgeries. Mommy makeover in India is done at best plastic surgery centers at affordable prices.

Depending upon the individualized needs, the choice of mommy makeover procedures vary and thus their costs. For instance, breast augmentation may be done alone or in combination with breast lift if the nipples point downwards. Likewise, depending upon the body stature, either a mini tummy tuck or complete abdominoplasty may be done during mommy makeover surgery.

IndiCure is the leading medical tourism company that offers plastic surgeries in association with best cosmetic surgeons in India. The cosmetic surgeons are board certified and have been trained at best medical schools across the globe. Mommy makeover surgery in India is done at best plastic surgery centers that are spotlessly clean and well equipped with latest technology and infrastructure to provide seamless cosmetic solutions to women.

IndiCure brings comprehensive mommy makeover packages at discounted prices. The Yummy Mummy packages offered by IndiCure entail cosmetic surgery packages, accommodation in 4 star hotels and free health check up. The mommy makeover packages offered by IndiCure are much affordable and cheaper than what one would pay for the mommy makeover in Dallas or Denver.

The step by step procedure to Mommy Makeover abroad in India:

1. Fill in an inquiry at our website. Following the inquiry, the case manager will get back with detailed information about mommy makeover packages chosen and other relevant information about the procedure in India. You may also write to

2. The next step is to get consultation with the surgeon and book for the procedure. The case manager will get back with complete information about the dates of the surgery, pre departure information and stay in India.

3. The last step is client’s arrival in India. The client gets first-hand consultation with plastic surgeon, pre-operative investigations, and plastic surgery with further follow ups with the surgeon in India.

For more information, you can write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or US Toll free at +1-877-270-2448 or talk to us at Skype@Indicure