Affordable Calf Augmentation in India with Best Plastic Surgeons

Calf augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that adds more volume to the lower legs. The plastic surgery is considered by those men and women who have skinny or stork legs. Calf Augmentation has become much popular owing to the aesthetic sense it adds to the lower limbs. The surgery may also be indicated to correct congenital and physical defects such as polio, club foot, spinal bifida etc.

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Calf Augmentation is becoming increasingly popular among both men and women owing to many benefits of the surgery such as:
·         Correction of congenital and physical defects
·         Enhanced appearance of the lower legs
·         Achieving more balanced looks
·         Becoming less self conscious about one’s appearance and boosting self esteem

Calf Augmentation surgery is done under local or general anaesthesia and takes about an hour to perform the surgery. The incision for calf implantation is made on the back of the knee to create a pocket large enough to securely fit in the implant. The implant is inserted gently into the pocket above the muscle.

Over the years, calf implants have seen advancement in the quality of implants such as leak proof silicone implants are now available with multilayered envelops. The implants of different sizes are also available, for instance, cigar shaped for women and broader implants for men. Besides calf implants there are other options of shaping the calves such as calf augmentation using one’s own body fat or using hyaluronic acid. Both calf implant surgeries as well as fat transfers are popular calf augmentation procedures.

Calf Augmentation abroad in India

Calf Augmentation has become a popular cosmetic surgery among men and women across the world. Be it young or adult or not so rich or famous, people from all walks of life are opting for calf augmentation. What comes as a constraint sometimes is the high cost of calf augmentation in many western countries such as USA, UK, Canada or Australia. Calf Augmentation is now available in India with some of the best plastic surgeons at low cost.

The plastic surgeons in India are among the most popular cosmetic surgeons in the world and India is known to have harnessed a pool of best cosmetic surgeons who have been trained at best medical schools across the globe. Many a medical tourist from western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan , South Africa, as well as from middle east countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman are traveling abroad to India for quality yet affordable cosmetic surgery in India. Besides expert surgeons, the hospitals and plastic surgery clinics in India are well equipped with cutting edge technology which is on par with any other hospital facility in the world. Thus one can get calf augmentation at best hospital facility with affordable and cheap prices in India.

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