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Otoplasty Abroad - Get Ear Correction Surgery at Affordable cost in India

Otoplasty Abroad

If you feel disconcerted with the protruding or bat-like ears, otoplasty or ear correction surgery is the perfect treatment for you. Otoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure that can improve the position, shape or proportion of the ear, thus brings back the lost self esteem and confidence of an individual.

What is Ear Surgery or Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the deformities and defects of the pinna (external ear) or reconstruct deformed ear or absent external ear caused due to trauma or injury to the ears. The external ear comprises of a delicate and complex framework of shaped cartilage covered with thin, tightly adherent, hairless skin on its visible surface. The otoplastic surgeon creates an external ear that is of natural proportion and contour by reshaping and augmenting the cartilaginous support of the pinna.

Ear correction surgery in India
Affordable Otoplasty surgery in India

The surgery can correct the defect in the ear structure present at birth or those appearing during the course of development. Otoplasty can also improve the shape of the ears or treat the misshapen ears.

Who is the ideal candidate for Otoplasty Plastic Surgery?

The ideal candidates for Otoplasty have:

·         Large ears. 
·         Protruding ears.
·         Lop ear (when the top seems to fold down and forward)
·         Cupped ear (a condition where the ear is very small)
·         Shell ear (when the curve in the outer rim, as well as the natural folds and creases, are missing)
·         Large or stretched earlobes.
·         Earlobes with large creases and wrinkles.
·         Skin cancer and malignant melanoma

When is the ideal time for Ear Surgery?

The best time to get ear surgery is childhood. Often, children’s ears fully develop by age 4.  In adults, the cartilage in ear is firmer and does not have the same molding capacity as in children. Thus having ear correction done during childhood is ideal since the cartilage is very pliable, thus permitting greater ease of reshaping. Also, an ear surgery performed at an early age gives psychological benefits to the child owing to the earlier chances of cosmetic improvement. Otoplasty for children is performed so as to improve the appearance of the ears and they may not endure any teasing from their peers during childhood.

How is the ear surgery performed?

Ear correction surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia with oral sedation. For children, sometimes general, the surgery is usually done under general anaesthesia. One of the methods involves making an incision in the back of the ear to expose the cartilage. The surgeon then sculpts the cartilage by bending it towards the head. The area is then stitched so as to maintain the shape and incision closed. Sometimes, a larger piece of cartilage may be removed to give a natural looking fold to the ear.
The other technique involves a similar incision in the back of ear and the skin is removed without removing the cartilage. This provides more natural looking fold when surgery is complete. The surgery usually leaves a faint scar on the back of ear that fades over time. Even when only one ear is protruding, surgery is performed on both ears for better balance.

How long is the recovery period after ear correction surgery?

Since the surgery is a day care procedure and is done under local anaesthesia, the patient can go home after a few hours after surgery. The patient’s head may be wrapped in a bandage immediately following the surgery to provide best molding and healing. The stitches are usually removed after a week and it is recommended to avoid any activity where the ear may be bumped. Usually, adults can get back to work within 5 days while children can go to school within seven days.

What are the outcomes of ear correction or ear reshaping surgery?

The outcomes of otoplasty are permanent and the patient feels satisfied and more confident with the changes obtained after the surgery.

Can otoplasty be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

There are many other cosmetic surgery procedures that can be combined with ear correction to provide rejuvenated skin and more youthful appearance. The common cosmetic procedures that are usually combined with ear correction surgery are – cheek implants, chin implants, facelift to give tauter skin. There are other non surgical procedures such as dermabrasion and chemical peel; one can opt for to remove scars or blemishes.

Why consider an otoplasty abroad in India?

An ear correction surgery requires sophisticated instrumentation and expertise for a successful outcome. Otoplasty, having originated during the ancient period in India, has been well adopted and practiced as a discipline by best ENT surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in India. With advancement in technology, ear correction surgery has also evolved by leaps and bounds in India.

Many medical tourists from western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand as well as Middle East and African countries are now traveling abroad to India for optoplasty procedure. The hospitals in India are well equipped with infrastructure and latest equipments that are on par with any other facility in the world. Besides surgeon’s expertise and excellent infrastructure, low cost of treatment is another reason why people come to India for an ear correction surgery. The cost of otoplasty is much affordable and cheaper as compared to the cost of the procedure in USA or UK. All the factors together make India a sought after destination for ear correction plastic surgery.

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