Cost of Plastic surgery in India- A Real Bargain

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) which has been collecting plastic surgery procedural statistics since 1997 has reported that the overall number of cosmetic procedures has increased 197 percent since the tracking of the statistics first began. More than 9.2 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United States alone in 2011. 

The tremendous increase in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery is an indication of the fact people are now much more conscious about their looks & want to change them as desired.

Another very important trend that has come into light is that more & more people are now travelling abroad & getting their plastic surgery done away from home. India has become one of the most favoured destinations for plastic surgery & cost of plastic surgery in India is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to come to India for their surgeries. Plastic surgery prices in India are less than one-third of what an American would pay in his home country. Added to this are the other advantages of getting plastic surgeryin India, which include surgery by highly qualified & top notch Board certified surgeons, surgery at best plastic surgery hospitals in India, which are at par with International hospitals & complete confidentiality. ‘Plastic surgery abroad’ is thus the latest trend for most westerners.  

There are several plastic surgery procedures that are specifically favoured by people. For instance, cost of plastic surgery in India for nose varies from USD 1200 to 2500 depending on the extent of changes required in nose. The same procedure costs more than GBP 4000- 6500 in UK, which is equivalent to USD 6000-10,000, & thus more than four times the cost of procedure in India.

"Growth in demand will likely to grow as baby boomers and their offspring begin to explore surgical options," said Dr. Kenkel, at ASAPS. It is estimated that by the year 2015, about 55 million people will undergo plastic surgery in India & the numbers would further grow in the following years.

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