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Plastic Surgery Overseas- 4 Things Medical Tourists Must Know

Plastic Surgery Overseas

Traveling overseas is not a big deal anymore and so is undergoing plastic surgery abroad. If you are getting a good deal on your plastic surgery abroad, it makes much sense to hop on a flight and undergo surgery in your chosen destination.

Traveling overseas has never been so easy as now

But things are not so simple. 

Undergoing plastic surgery itself is a serious decision and undergoing surgery abroad needs to be dealt with really carefully.

There are a few things which you should keep in mind before you hop on your flight for surgery overseas.

We list you 4 most important things you must know before you choose plastic surgery abroad.

1. The credibility of Medical Tourism Company– Like every industry, there are good and bad apples here. Since it’s not just travel for recreation, make sure the medical tourism company you choose a trustworthy medical tourism company which keeps your health and best interests in mind.

The company should understand the nuances and requirements of medical tourists and should not shy away from giving answers to all your queries.

Here are few important things you should look into before deciding the medical tourism company you choose to book your medical tour with:

How informed your case manager is- It matters how do you feel talking to or communicating with the person you are dealing with. An emotional connect is an important part of the journey. You should feel comfortable, at ease and that he/ she is confident enough in guiding and handling your requests properly.

Accreditation- Check if the company is accredited or not. ISO, NABH or other accreditations give you an idea about the credibility of the organization.

Years in service- A company with a good number of years in service would not only know and understand your requirements well, they should be able to offer you good deals and will stand up to their reputation.  

Online reviews and reputation- Always check the online reputation of the company, gather as much information as you can. It shall help you make an informed decision and compare different options.

References- Ask for the references of the past patients who traveled with the company. It is always useful to hear from the horse’s mouth. Someone who has been there, done that can guide you about what to expect and what not better than anyone else.

2. The credibility of the Plastic Surgeon- When you have chosen a good medical tourism company, half the battle is already won. They would guide you to the best plastic surgeons only.

However, it is important that you exercise the due diligence and know details about the surgeon who would operate on you.

·        If he/she is board certified plastic surgeon
·        How many years of experience he has
·        What are his qualifications
·        Is there a place where you can verify the credentials
·        Is there a case of malpractice against him
·        How many cases has he performed as you wish to undergo
·        What is his success rate
·        If he is affiliated to any international membership
·        If he speaks your language

Talk to the surgeon over the phone before you sign up for the surgery. Make sure you feel comfortable talking to the surgeon and he does not shy away from answering all your queries.

3. Hospital facility – Make sure you have complete details about the hospital/ clinic where the surgery shall be performed.

How big is the facility, whether it is accredited, any case of malpractice against the hospital, does it have emergency room and intensive care unit, do nurses speak English, what would be the language of your notes, what are the infection control policies, what is the MRSA rate etc.

It is important to note that the post-op care holds a significant role in the recovery. A good post-op care at a good facility will not only expedite but shall make the recovery easy for you.

4. Cost Inclusions and Exclusions- It is obvious that you opted for plastic surgery overseas because you wanted to save on the cost. Make sure that purpose is well served. This can be done only when you are aware of what is included and not included in the cost given to you.

Make sure you have a list of inclusions and exclusions.

Do not forget to add the cost of air travel, visa, local taxes, and accommodation when adding to the cost of the surgery.

The Most Popular Destination for Plastic Surgery Abroad

Though there are many destinations competing for receiving medical tourists, India has emerged as a clear winner in the field of medical tourism. India receives the maximum number of medical tourists coming for various medical and elective procedures.

Plastic surgery tourism in India is on a great rise. This is because of the many advantages that the country offers:

·        Cost of plastic surgery in India is a fraction of what it costs to get the surgery done in the West
·        Indian surgeons are known all over the world for their skill and expertise
·        Hospital facilities in India are world class
·        Doctors and medical staff are well versed with the English language
·        India makes a wonderful tourist destination as well

Plastic Surgery Trip to India

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