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Facelift Dentures in India

Affordable Facelift Dentures If you are among those who shy away smiling because of missing teeth or slack neck and facial wrinkles, facelift dentures can turn the clock back on your face by providing treatment for slack neck and lost teeth. Facelift Dentures – What are they? Facelift dentures are advanced dentures that provide the most customized fit over the traditional dentures. The most peculiar feature of facelift dentures are that they keep the jaw in a relaxed position and provide optimum fit avoiding sagging of facial appearance which is often seen with traditional dentures. Also known as neuromuscular dentures, facelift dentures affect both nerves and muscles. The facelift dentures allow facial muscles and nerves to relax and make them sit comfortably on the jaw without making the muscles and nerves uneasy. Unlike a traditional denture which causes entire face to lose support and give a droopy look, facelift dentures have opposite action. The neuromuscular de

Weight loss surgery in India - options and costs

Weight loss surgery in India - options and costs Diet and Exercise are the two most effective ways to lose weight but when these two fail to reduce those extra kilos, weight loss surgery is the treatment of choice. With proven benefits in reducing weight to a large extent, bariatric surgeons have recommended weight loss surgery to trounce morbid obesity and associated health hazards. Minimally invasive techniques have given credence to effective weight loss owing to the least invasion and trauma caused to the tissue unlike traditional weight loss procedures. There are two main minimally invasive approaches used to treat obesity - Restrictive weight loss procedures and Mal-absorptive weight loss procedures.   Restrictive Weight Loss Procedures Restrictive weight loss surgery works with the mechanism of restricting the amount of food intake. The surgery makes a person feel less hungry and fuller soon. The procedure thus restricts the calorie intake thereby leading to eff

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in India at Low Cost

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in India at Low Cost Only a person who has suffered backache can understand the physical and mental stress it causes. But have you ever wondered how many people across the world suffer from what is now a commonly used word like “backache” or “back pain”. The statistics showing the number of people suffering from backache or back pain is shocking. Not only from one or two countries but from all across the world. More than 50%  of all working Americans have back pain every year. About 31 million Americans are affected by lower back pain Experts in USA believe that about 80% of the Americans will experience a back problem in their life. I n Europe, 10 – 15% of all sick days are taken due to lower back pain Worldwide, back pain costs economies more than any other disease Back pain is the leading cause of disability for workers between the ages of 19 and 45 across the world Can you imagine the amount spent on treating backache or

Kidney transplant in India

Affordable Kidney transplant in India Kidney transplant, also known as a renal transplant is the most common transplant operation performed throughout the world .   A kidney transplant is a surgery to replace diseased kidneys with a healthy kidney from another body, called the donor's kidney. India is one of the countries with the highest success rate of kidney transplant surgery. There are best kidney transplant hospitals in India with most sophisticated and advanced technology to offer the highest success rate for the kidney transplant. All Organ transplants and thus kidney transplant in India is governed by rules laid out by the Government of India.  The rules for a kidney transplant in India are quite strict and any deviation from the law attracts heavy punishment.  The important highlights of kidney transplant in India are as follows: Close relatives can donate the kidney to the patient.   Siblings, parents, children and spouse come under the cat

Face Lift Surgery – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Facelift Plastic Surgery  Face lift surgery reverses the clock on your face and sets it for about 10-15 years back. It is the procedure of choice for men and women, now, at any age to get a fresh and rejuvenated look. There are a lot of questions in the minds of people who wish to go ahead with plastic surgery, and when it is the question of face, you obviously would like to clear all your doubts before going ahead. We have compiled a list of few most frequently asked questions about face lift surgery.  Any more questions about face lift surgery abroad or face lift surgery in India are most welcome. I am 45, Am I too young for facelift surgery? It is a common misconception among people that men and women only in sixties can or should undergo facelift. In fact, you get best results when you are younger because the skin is more elastic and heals well and fast. You get more natural results of a facelift at a younger age than at an older age. You may not need a traditional

How Much Does it Cost to Have Weight Loss Surgery?

NHS has reported that the number of Gastric Bypass operations in UK have gone up by 530% over the past five years.  It also goes on to state that 18,577 gastric bypass and 7,650 gastric band operations were carried out between April 2006 and March 2012 at NHS. With number of obese people rising in UK and all across the world, weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery often is the last resort for these people to treat obesity and live a healthy, disease free life. NHS does cover weight loss surgery, but the criteria for free surgery under NHS says that the person should have tried all other methods of weight loss and he/ she should be dangerously obese , with BMI or Body mass index should be 40 plus. While there is a whole lot of population waiting to get bariatric surgery in England, but either does not meet the criteria for free surgery under NHS or do not afford weight surgery prices in UK , and thus continue to risk their lives and health. Same goes for obese people

Mommy Makeover – Plastic surgery to get back in shape

Mommy Makeover – Plastic surgery to get back in shape Which mom does not want to be back in shape and get her curves back? But for many, endless crunches, lunges and dieting does not yielding any help.  No matter what you do, the waistline is not ready to budge and the overhanging tummy refuses to come back.  The breasts have migrated to south and you wonder what I should do to bring her back to where it should have been!!! These questions are very common among mommies- new or old, young or not so young, because pregnancy and child birth do take a toll on women’s health and body. There are physical, physiological, psychological, hormonal and all sorts of changes that your body goes through during pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding and even after that while you are doing all you can to bring your child up. Mommy makeover plastic surgery is a proven way that can help you get back in shape. Many people think that mommy makeover is a shortcut and would harm your body in ma