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Which weight loss surgery is best for me?

Which weight loss surgery ? It is not difficult to answer whether you are or not a good candidate for obesity surgery, but is more difficult to answer “Which weight loss surgery is best for you?” A lot of information is available about the types of obesity surgery, who is the best surgeon for weight loss surgery, which is the best facility, but little has been written about how to choose the best bariatric surgery option for you. Though it is your personal choice and your surgeon’s experience in doing a particular surgery, here are a few points that would help you easily compare various bariatric surgery options and help you choose the best option for you. Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Lap Band tied around stomach to limit the food intake Laparoscopicgastric banding , also known as Lap band or gastric band surgery is being performed since 1993 and was approved by FDA in United States in 2001. Lap band is a reversible and least invasive of all the weight lo

8 Things to Care About When Getting Heart Surgery Abroad

8 things to take care when getting heart surgery abroad Heart operation is a major surgery & even the thought of you or loved one undergoing heart surgery can make you nervous & anxious. Things become all the more complex when you have to travel abroad for such a major surgery. However doing your home work properly and carefully helps you make the right start. Experts say that these 8 important things can really help alleviate your fears & make sure you are in the right hands. If you are planning to travel abroad for your triple heart bypass surgery, take care of the following things: 1.   Know what type of Bypass surgery is advisable for you Conventional bypass, Minimally Invasive  Coronary artery bypass, or MIDCAB or   Off-pump coronary artery bypass, or OPCAB Bypass surgery can be done through various techniques. Some of which are minimally invasive technique, off pump, on pump etc. Not every patient is a candidate for every technique. A careful selectio

Brazilian Butt Lift in India – Best Option to Enhance Your Rear

Affordable Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Do you feel your rear is too flat and needs to be more proportionate with rest of your body? Are you among those who wish to have more rounded bottom to give you an hour-glass shape? Now getting a fabulous curve on the rear is no more left a daunting task. Brazilian Buttock Augmentation can get you more rounded rear and an hour-glass figure to flaunt. Brazilian buttock augmentation or butt lift gives shape to the bottom by adding more volume to the rear. The surgery lifts the buttocks, enhances the contour and firmness of the buttocks. The technique of brazilian buttock augmentation involves transfer of own body fat to the buttocks. Fat is removed from specific areas such as abdomen, thighs, arms, chest, back and neck by the technique of liposuction and is added to the buttocks. Ideal candidates are those who are physically healthy, have normal weight and have realistic goals. Procedure – The most common technique of performing brazi

Spinal Fusion & Disc Replacement for Degenerative Disc

Spinal Fusion and Artificial Disc replacement surgery Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes of low back pain. Not only Degenerative disc disease is the most common cause, it is misunderstood name for the disease and people suffering from it often bewilder rather are scared about “Degeneration” of their back and how worse their life would become in few years.   The most common fear in people diagnosed with degenerative disc disease is if this would cripple their life and they would end up in a wheelchair. It’s not all in the name The word “degenerative disc disease” is a misnomer and is interpreted by most as progressive, threatening condition.   Spinal experts say that the condition is not strictly degenerative and is not really a disease.   The confusion is because of the name- “degenerative”, which actually implies to the disc degeneration and not the symptoms. The disc may degenerate with time, which is the natural aging process, but the pain or sympto

Best place for Plastic Surgery Abroad - IndiCure helps you decide

Best place for Plastic Surgery Abroad With so many destinations competing for the  Best destination for plastic surgery abroad , it is naturally tough for you to decide the best destination for your plastic surgery abroad. Getting plastic surgery in itself is an important and crucial decision. And when you have to get it done abroad, making a decision is usually overwhelming. You would of course, not like to take any chances. There are a few important things to know which shall help you make an informed decision about your choice for  plastic surgery overseas .  Here are few simple steps to help you make an informed choice. List down your choices for destination-  The first step is to list down the destination options you think are worth considering.   The important factors you can look for in listing the destination are: ·     Language of communication-  Communication plays a vital role in making cosmetic surgery a success. You and the surgeon should be   able to unders

How much is to get a Breast reduction and lift?

Breast reduction and Breast Uplift Female breast reduction, medically known as reduction mammoplasty, is an operation to reduce the weight and volume of female breasts. The procedure entails removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breast to make them lighter for the women suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain. Breast reduction surgery also reshapes the breast and nipples to give them youthful and perky appearance. Heavy breasts are also the cause of embarrassment and low self esteem in many women. Breast reduction surgery helps women to get rid of the pain in neck, back or shoulders and boost their self esteem. Most women say that they feel good and confident about themselves after breast reduction surgery.   Breast size is proportionate to the body in most women, but some women have particularly large breasts which could be due to genes, hormones or being overweight. It is worthwhile to know that the growth of your breasts is stimulated by t