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Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgery

Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgery

After the TV show in United States, extreme plastic surgery has caught the fancy of many men and women- Women mainly, because they often need extreme makeover plastic surgery more than men after pregnancy and child birth.

A lot many people are now asking and looking for extreme makeover plastic surgery than ever before, more so because of the number of advantages that combining multiple cosmetic surgery procedures offer.

Of many advantages that combining multiple cosmetic surgery offers, the important few include less surgical time, few incisions, single recovery time and the cost is substantially reduced.

If you want to get plastic surgery abroad, it always makes more sense to combine procedures as it saves on a lot of money and you get complete transformation in one go.

Mommy makeover is one such form of extreme makeover plastic surgery, sought by “mommies” to get back in shape. Mommy makeover packages are individualized with IndiCure to suit your health and requirement.
The most popular combinations of mommy makeover or extreme makeover cosmetic surgery among ladies from United States coming to India include:

  • Tummy tuck with breast reduction and liposuction to buttocks and thighs.
  • Tummy  tuck with breast implants and breast lift
  • Breast reduction with liposuction on thighs, buttocks and arms
  • Body lift including breast lift, thigh lift, arm lift and tummy tuck
  • Face lift with brow lift, blepharoplasty and neck lift
All the procedures may or may not be done in one sittings, which shall be decided by the surgeon depending on your health. If the plastic surgeon is against doing all the procedures in one sitting, keeping your health in focus, the procedures can be broken in two stages a week apart. That way you can make the best of your cosmetic surgery holiday without risking your health.

A number of “mommies” now travel to India to get back in shape owing to huge cost savings, renowned cosmetic surgeons in India, advantage of recuperation in peaceful and serene environment.  Not only you get physically back in shape, the mind you can also rejuvenate your mind and soul with great pampering that beautiful Ayurveda resorts India offers.

Besides mommies, a lot of men and women after bariatric surgery opt for extreme makeover plastic surgery.  Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery results in embarrassing folds of hanging skin that used to be the over rolls of fat. This excess skin is removed by plastic surgeons through a procedure known as body lift.
Body lift is usually done after excessive weight loss and may involve lift of one part of the body or full body lift which often includes tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift and even neck and face lift.

Plastic surgery makeover

Cosmetic surgery makeover

before after extreme body makeover
plastic surgery before after
If you are looking for affordable extreme makeover plastic surgery or plastic surgery abroad at low cost, you can contact IndiCure. IndiCure is the leading and most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India.  Having catered to people from more than 30 countries, IndiCure understands your requirements well.

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