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Best surgeons for Knee Replacement in India

Best surgeon for Knee Replacement in India On searching for Who is the best surgeon for knee replacement in India on internet, you would get hundreds of responses and everybody would claim to be the best- Best hospital for knee replacement in India, Best surgeon for knee replacement in India and you are obviously confused- How to choose the best surgeon for you? Following few steps shall help decide The Best surgeon for knee replacement surgery in India FOR YOU. Get the orthopedic surgeon’s profile and details You should always go through the surgeon’s profile carefully and see his training. Also look for and get the answer to the following questions:  Is he super  specialized  to perform knee replacement surgery Where did he get his training from How many years has he been doing knee replacement How many knee replacement surgeries has he done What is the success rate Which technique would he use for knee replacement- open surgery or Minimally

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India: Cheapest way to shed extra kilos

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India Obesity has become a concern for both medical fraternity and common man worldwide. Not only obesity in itself is a problem, it causes various other health problems like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc. Most of the obese people are seen to be suffering from low self esteem and various other psychological problems.  A lot of obese people find it hard to lose the excess weight on their own. A majority of them even find the efforts in vain in spite of trying various diets, exercises and other medications for weight loss. Weight loss surgery is a proven way to shed those extra kilos in such cases, where all other means have failed to work. But the exorbitant cost of weight loss surgery in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc makes the surgery formidable for such people and they continue to risk their health and lives for the need of obesity surgery. India offers a great opportunity to such people looking for affordable

Breast reduction and Breast Feeding - Is it possible to have both?

Breast reduction and Breast Feeding Women with heavy and pendulous breast who want to nurse their babies in future have this question on the top of their mind-“Would I be able to breast feed my baby after breast reduction surgery?”” Does breast reduction surgery affect breast feeding?” Heavy breasts can cause pain in the neck and shoulder  While on one hand they are concerned about their body image and suffering from pain in neck and shoulder because of heavy breasts, on the other hand is the dilemma that after breast reduction, they would not be able to breast feed their baby. While breast reduction surgery always almost compromises your lactation capability to an extent, women can still breast feed her baby after breast reduction surgery. The question is how much would you be able to breast feed the baby. It is helpful to understand the process of milk production to understand how breast reduction surgery affects lactation: The breast is a gland which

Pregnancy after Weight loss surgery

Pregnancy after Weight loss surgery The first question on the minds of women of child bearing age who undergo weight loss surgery is about pregnancy and having a healthy baby. “What about pregnancy after weight loss surgery”, “Can I have a healthy baby after obesity surgery” “I am worried that my baby would not get enough nutrients because I won’t be able to eat much and my small intestines have been bypassed.”   Obese women are more likely to have a complicated pregnancy  These are obvious concerns, but the fact is that pregnancy on obese women is at higher risk because of various complicating factors. Complications include an increased risk of death in both the baby and mother, increased risk of maternal blood pressure by 10 times, increased risk of gestational diabetes and problem with labour and delivery.  It is reported that obese women are more likely to have babies with high birth weight and are thus more likely to undergo caesarean section. The infant

Affordable Forehead Lift Abroad

Forehead Lift Abroad Many a times people ask us if we are feeling angry, sad or tired which we may not be. As we age, the muscles on the forehead and brows may descend that can lead to wrinkles and furrows in the brow and can make us look sad or tired. A forehead lift or brow lift is the solution to get rid of these unwanted expressions and give your face a youthful and fresh appearance. The ideal candidates for forehead lift are those who have too low or too straight eyebrows but are physically and emotionally stable and have realistic expectations from cosmetic surgery. Performed under local anesthesia if alone and general anesthesia if combined with other procedures such as facelift , brow lift surgery takes two to four hours to complete. The procedure entails making an incision in the top of the scalp above the ears which is hidden by the hair. Through this incision, extra muscle and fat is removed which has caused drooping of brow and unwanted wrinkles on forehead. The

Scoliosis Surgery in India- Boon for Patients

Scoliosis affects a large percentage of population throughout the world. An estimated 6 to 9 million people suffer from scoliosis in United States alone, out of which at least 35,000 are serious enough to warrant surgical intervention. However, the cost of scoliosis treatment is quite formidable in United States and all western countries and thus a large number of children and adults are forced to keep the surgery in abeyance. India offers a great boon for such children and adults who are looking for affordable scoliosis surgery. Spinal surgery hospitals in India have got the most sophisticated and advanced technology to treat the most complex cases of scoliosis. Spinal surgeons in India are highly trained and many surgeons have treated lot of scoliosis patients with great results. Doctors classify scoliosis as congenital, neuromuscular and Idiopathic: Congenital scoliosis- It results from embryological malformation of one or more vertebrae and may occur in any locatio

Lipoabdominoplasty in India – Procedure and Recovery

Lipoabdominoplasty – Procedure and Recovery Lipoabdominoplasty combines liposuction and abdominoplasty to effectively remove hard-to-remove belly fat. Whereas liposuction removes fat through suctioning, the abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat from tummy and tightens abdominal muscles. Lipoabdominoplasty = Liposuction + Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to give great contouring In lipoabdominoplasty the surgeons first remove excess fat from tummy and then perform a traditional tummy tuck .  The removal of excess fat results in better contour for tummy tuck as skin and tissue can be easily worked with after the removal of abdominal fat. The combined liposuction and tummy tuck together result in achieving a thinner tummy as well as giving a slimmer body shape. The ideal candidates for lipoabdominoplasty are: ·    Men or women who have protruding tummy ·    Women who post-pregnancy have not been able to budge fat through diet or exercise ·    Men who wish to tighte