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Cheapest Body Lift Surgery Abroad

If you are looking for body lift surgery abroad and are confused by the plethora of options, read this article to know where can you get Cheapest Body lift surgery abroad and why should you choose it?

Plastic Surgery Abroad

There definitely are many benefits of undergoing plastic surgery abroad; (of course you have to be careful in selecting the right surgeon and place for your surgery) and that is precisely the reason more and more people are opting to travel abroad for their surgery- be it elective procedures such as plastic, bariatric or dental surgery or serious procedures such as heart, cancer or joint replacements.

Not only you surely save a lot of money, you enjoy the benefit of keeping your makeover under complete privacy, you can recuperate at the choicest destination with privacy, club the procedure with a trip to exotic locations and still save money.

When it comes to medical tourism destinations, India has always been counted among the top 3 destinations.

Not only for medical procedures, India is counted among the best places for cosmetic surgery abroad.

Advantages of Plastic Surgery in India

Not only the cost of plastic surgery in India is much affordable, plastic surgeons in India are renowned the world over for their skills and expertise. 

The healthcare facilities in India are at par with the facilities in the world or are even better. The surgeons and healthcare providers in India are fluent in English and thus there is absolutely no communication problem. 

You thus get the best value for money by opting to get the body lift surgery in India.

India has few of the finest surgeons in the world who are extensively trained to perform specialized procedures such as body lift surgery. Few of them have had their specialization done in body lift surgery.

However, like any other place, you have to be careful in selecting the right surgeon and provider for your body lift surgery in India.

Body Lift Cost in India

You not only get most affordable body lift surgery when you choose India, you can rest assured that you get the best value for your money when you choose India for your surgery.

The cost of body lift in India depends on various factors which include whether you want just the lower body lift or upper or full body lift, your medical condition, surgeon’s experience and expertise, facility where the surgery would be done and the city where the procedure shall be performed.

To give you an idea about the cost of Body Lift in India, the cost of lower body lift in India varies from US $ 3900 to $ 5900 while the cost of total body lift or full body lift in India varies from US $ 6900 to $ 8900.

The cost typically includes surgeon’s fees, hospital stay, pre-operative checks, anesthesia, medicines and consumables, post-op consultations and everything at the hospital.

Body Lift surgery

After massive weight loss following obesity surgery or otherwise, the skin and other tissues lose elasticity and cannot conform to the reduced body size, thus, resulting in unsupported skin that was previously overly stretched.

The following areas of the body are most affected by weight loss, however, many people do feel that the face has also lost volume and has hanging skin. 

    • Upper arms sag
    • Breasts flatten and hang with nipples pointing down
    • Abdominal area extends around the sides and into the lower back, resulting in an apron-like overhang
    • Buttocks, groin, and thighs sag and cause hanging pockets of skin

Notice loose and hanging skin after massive weight loss

Surgical body contouring or body lift plastic surgery removes excess fat and sagging skin and improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue, resulting in the normal appearance of the body, with smoother contours. 

Candidates for body lift or body contouring are adult male or females:
    • whose weight loss has stabilized
    • who are nonsmokers
    • who are physically healthy, mentally and emotionally stable
    • who do not have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase the risk of surgery
    • who have realistic expectations and understand the procedure well.
    • who are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle

The body lift surgery is very individualistic and the procedure depends on the body and expectations of the individual planning to undergo the operation.

It can be a lower body lift only or full body lift depending upon where has the person lost maximum weight and has loose skin or what are the areas of his/ her concern.

Before Body Lift Surgery

After Body Lift Surgery

Lower body lift is usually done for people with:
    •     Loose skin in buttocks and hips
    •     Loose skin in front, back, inner and outer side of thighs
    •     Loose abdominal skin

And the procedures typically include a Buttock lift, Outer and inner thigh lift, Circumferential thigh lift, 360 degrees tummy tuck or belt lipectomy

Total body lift or Full body lift is usually done for people with:

    •     Loose skin in buttocks and hips
    • Loose skin in front, back, inner and outer side of  thighs   
    •     Loose abdominal skin
    •     Loose and hanging breasts
    •     Loose and sagging arms    

A full body lift may also include face and neck lift besides the lower body lift procedures.

The full body lift is extensive surgery and it is not possible to combine all the procedures in one sitting. The procedures are thus scheduled in 2-3 sitting spaced a few days apart.

It is done to reduce the anesthesia time and also an easy recovery for you. The procedures are however done in one visit to save a lot of your additional costs on airfare and accommodation.

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