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Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy and childbirth - Be a Yummy Mummy

Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy and childbirth

We understand how tough it is for women to get back in shape after pregnancy and child birth. Although child birth is the most precious moment in a woman’s life, but the changes it brings to the women's body are bothersome. The body is stretched in all proportions and fat gets deposited on tummy, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, breasts sag- all this takes a toll on women’s self esteem and confidence. 

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Be a Yummy Mummy!

Mommy makeover is a comprehensive set of cosmetic surgery procedures carefully chosen to overcome the effects of pregnancy on women. Women who have finished pregnancy and reached a stable weight are ideal candidates for mommy makeover. Not only restrained to recent mums, any woman who wants to get back in shape may opt for mommy makeover.

The expected results after mommy makeover are remarkable since several body areas are contoured and  worked upon thus giving a great transformation in your body. Each mommy makeover is different as each procedure is chosen according to the unique needs of each mum. For instance, women who have extensive fat deposition on breast and tummy may choose breast reduction and tummy tuck, those having fat deposition on flanks may opt for liposuction and tummy tuck. 

At IndiCure, we understand that each mum is unique and so are the body types and changes after child birth.  IndiCure brings carefully selected yummy mummy packages to address post pregnancy effects on women.

The Yummy 1 and Yummy 2 are two quintessential packages to turn the clock back on women. The incredible feature about the procedures is the cost of the packages which are a fraction of what one would pay for yummy mummy packages in USA or UK. The prices are inclusive of private hospital fee, anesthetic, operation theater and surgery charges, accommodation in a twin sharing room, pre and post surgery consultations with the surgeon, one buffet breakfast daily, all transfers to/from the hospital and airport/hotel.

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Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy and childbirth

At IndiCure, our core values are Safety, Excellent and Trust and so are the experiences of mommies having undergone mommy makeovers in India. In her own words, Jennifer from USA says..“I'm turning forty four in one month and I feel more attractive, more self-confident and more comfortable than ever”

IndiCure is the most trusted name for providing quality cosmetic surgery holidays in association with best plastic surgeons in India. Clubbed with tropical holiday, you can get back to your pre pregnancy shape at scenic locations in India. 

For more information about Yummy Mummy packages in India write to us at or call us at  +919818462127 or +919320036777