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Weight loss surgery - Great help for people with heart problems

Weight loss surgery and heart problems

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Obesity is causing a lot of burden on already overburdened healthcare system

With expanding waistlines of people across the world, scientists are concerned about the affect of obesity to the increasing burden to healthcare system which is already overburdened with a number of diseases.
It’s now estimated that over one-third of Americans are overweight, and another third are obese. Scientists have proven that the risk of having cancer increases with obesity and now recent studies prove that Weight-loss surgery helps people with heart failure or other heart diseases.  

A clinic study was done on a set of people with heart failure, of which around 70% were markedly obese and underwent bariatric surgery while the rest did not undergo bariatric surgery. Participants were classified using the formula based on height and weight- their body mass index. Adults with BMI of 30 or more are considered obese and those with BMI of 40 or higher are considered to be severe or morbidly obese.

A follow up was done during four years after the surgery, which showed that the average BMI dropped from 53 to 37 among those who underwent bariatric surgery, while the BMI increased  from 42 to 45 among those who did not undergo surgery.

Signs and symptoms of heart failure, such as swollen legs and labored breathing during exercise — improved only in those who had bariatric surgery.  The study, though says, further research needs to be done, proves to a great extent that bariatric surgery is helpful for people who are extremely obese and can produce long lasting improvements in disease symptom of heart patients.

Obesity and heart related ailments
Obesity and Heart Disease
Besides being helpful in heart problems, bariatric or weight loss surgery has proven to be a great help in patients with diabetes, sleep apnea and people suffering from low self esteem and even depression. Bariatric surgery has proven to be a boon for patients suffering from low self esteem or psychological problems.

The cost is a deterrent factor for people living in western countries where the cost is extremely high. However, weight loss surgery abroad can prove helpful for people looking for affordable weight loss surgery without delaying the decision to undergo the procedure.

The cost of weight loss surgery in India is less than a third of the cost of weight loss surgery in UK, USA, Australia or any other country.


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