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IVF in India - Few things to know before undergoing IVF in India

 IVF abroad in India - things to consider Are you among those who have been looking for IVF treatment in India ? There are a few important steps you must know before undergoing IVF in India . Step 1 - Know about IVF surgery Egg fertilization  IVF or In – vitro fertilization is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. In vitro is a Latin term which means fertilization “in glass” or a culture dish. IVF is considered when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed to achieve a successful pregnancy. IVF procedure entails monitoring of a woman’s ovulatory process, removing ova from the woman’s ovaries and letting the sperm fertilize the ova in a fluid medium in a laboratory. When a woman’s natural cycle is monitored for collection of ovum, it is known as natural cycle IVF. The zygote formed inside the fluid medium is then transferred to the uterus so as to establish a successful pregnancy. Louise Brown was the first test t

Knee Replacement in India - Take a new stance in life

Knee Replacement in India - Take a new stance in life If your Knee has been in pain and have been suggested of Knee Replacement surgery, please read more to take a bold new stance in life.. Painful knee joints may cripple your daily activities  You have remained in pain and have been managing the pain with some or the other conservative treatments. But it’s getting difficult by the day, and the treatments don’t seem to be working for you anymore. The next step your doctor has recommended is replacing your knee joint and you also know its best done as early as possible. You are no longer ready to bear the pain and know that this is what will give you a new stance in life. This will significantly help relieve the pain you are suffering and will improve the function in your severely diseased knee joint. You would do good to consider the following risks and benefits before having your knee replaced. And it will also mean preparing for a dedicated rehabilitation efforts for